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Tap into the “Unbanked” Consumer Market and Reach 1.7 Billion Potential Customers with FinTech

The impact of digital transformation has skewed the line between banks and Telecoms. This has created an opportunity to develop a disruptive mobile commerce solution focused on financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and economic growth. FinTech is the solution to drive your business forward and connect with customers in new and emerging markets.

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Connect with Customers through their Mobile Device by Creating an Inclusive, Agile, and Responsive Mobile Wallet Platform using FinTech

Our innovative FinTech solution is the answer to the financial needs of customers in developed and developing countries. This comprehensive financial platform enables direct client-to-client funds transfers, payroll and government disbursements, enables digital collections for delivery of goods, facilitates micro-lending, provides you with actionable insights, analytics and more. Let our new and advanced FinTech solution drive innovation in your business.

Have the Latest Mobile Commerce Technology at your Disposal

Our FinTech solution can be customised to provide an overarching solution for any organisation, large or small. This solution enables MNO's, MVNO's, banks, NGO's, Government departments, post offices and others to enhance the existing mobile commerce industry and empower customers through the use of their mobile phones.

Facilitate Mobile Wallet Transactions with Ease

Our FinTech solution allows customers to make use of a range of seamless and straightforward mobile wallet transactions. These transactions facilitate the withdrawal, transfer and payment of funds using the customers mobile phone, no bank account necessary. Simple, inclusive, and innovative.

Leverage Data and Analytics to Increase Profits

Stay in control of your mobile financial services and mobile money solutions by using the advanced analytics provided by our FinTech solution. This data will provide insights into consumer behaviour and allow you to track revenue and actual usage. By using this data, you can adapt service offerings to deepen customer relationships, better target market segments and increase profit.

Protect your Organisation from Money Laundering Activities

Our Anti-Money Laundering solution gives you peace of mind by scanning and authenticating personal user documents such as passports, ID cards and visas. This process automatically detects and reports suspicious behaviour that could be related to various illegal activities such as terrorist financing, securities fraud and market manipulation.

FinTech Solutions

Mobile Wallet

Tap into the unbanked market by enabling and optimising mobile transactions from anywhere and at anytime.


Fraud Detection

Reduce fraud and its impact on your organisation.


Anti Money Laundering

Protect your business from financial crime.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Utilise Authentication To Protect Users Against Identity Theft While Segmenting Your Customer Base To Enhance Targeting.


Mobile Financial Services Analytics

Leverage your data to gain actionable insights into mobile financial transactions that will increase your profits.


Join the Financial Services Revolution with FinTech

Find new revenue streams, tap into the potential that the unbanked market holds,  add value to customers enhance business profitability Explore the revolution of financial services with the use of FinTech innovations.

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