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Tap into the Banked and Unbanked Market by Enabling and Optimising Mobile Transactions from Anywhere and at Anytime

With Adapt IT's Mobile Wallet, users can access electronic funds via their mobile devices. By using a Mobile Wallet account, users can transact with their wallet funds without having a bank account. Offering such a product positions you as an enabler of financial inclusion and allows you to tap into an expanding market.

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Mobile Wallet Benefits

Expand financial inclusion options for untapped yet profitable markets

Mobile Wallet solutions offer financial inclusion for unbanked customers, especially those in developing countries. By offering these services to this growing market, you can expand your service offerings and enhance profitability.

Increased customer retention and new business opportunities

Our Mobile Wallet solution enables you, as an MNO, MVNO or Financial Institution, to offer your customers new value added services that provide convenience, speed and accessibility. This, in turn, enhances customer retention and creates new revenue streams.

Gain new and targeted niches which increase revenue

This solution allows you to target and customise the service offering specifically to targeted niche groups which assists in facilitating more sales and increasing revenue.

Mobile Wallet Features

  • This solution allows for the instantaneous transfer of mobile wallet currency from one person to another
  • This may incur transaction fees
  • This feature allows for the regular payment of money into the wallets of mobile money customers
  • Recipient lists can be managed on the mobile money system, or the payments can be initiated or managed externally through standard interfaces
  • The merchant portal allows 3rd-parties to register themselves as merchants
  • Merchants can draw reports on activity, transaction fees, trends, manage advertising, see where their sales are generated, etc
  • This feature allows mobile wallet users to pay for goods and services from these merchants
  • This creates an online marketplace, similar to eBay, but with mobile money as the payment instrument
  • This feature allows mobile wallet users to pay for goods and services to pre-configured merchants
  • Payment details such as the amount paid and the account number are sent to the merchant via SMS or email
  • Amounts may be fixed, supplied by the merchant, or entered by the user
  • Mobile wallet users are able to purchase airtime using this solution
  • Mobile wallet users are able to check their account balance using this service
  • Mobile wallet users can make airtime transfers and apply for loans with this solution
  • Mobile wallet users can make airtime transfers and apply for loans with this solution
  • This feature is used to convert physical currency into electronic mobile wallet currency 
  • This can be agent and/or store-based
  • This solution allows micro lenders to create a mobile identity and digitise their services by automating the process of financial services like loans and savings at micro or small scale levels

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