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Create New Revenue Streams Quicker

Join the Adapt IT Telecoms Channel Partner programme ,designed for South African IT companies, and unlock new revenue streams while enhancing your customer value proposition. 

Gain the competitive edge and expand your business offerings by delivering tailored and secure Data and Connectivity Solutions to your corporate clients. 

This programme is not about building a business partnership, but about building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you. 

Book a consultation with us today and find out more on how we can enhance your business instantly.

channel partner

Book a Consultation

Set up a meeting with us and one of our experts will run you through our Channel Partner programme and you can decide if its a good fit for your business.


Who may apply to become a Channel Partner?

  • Network Aggregators,
  • Connectivity Solutions Providers,
  • VoIP Service Providers,
  • IT and Networking Hardware/Software Distributors,
  • Companies offering ICT services and/or mobile data connectivity.
  • Must be based in South Africa.
channel partner

Become a Channel Partner and Unlock the following
Benefits for Your Business

Startup Costs

Take advantage of our scalable cloud-based offering from day one with no upfront product or technology costs.

Package Data and Connectivity Across Mobile Networks

Expand your business by tapping into different industry verticals and customer segments to expand, grow and develop your business. These verticals include, to name a few, healthcare, security, smart buildings, agriculture, retail, education, transport, and logistics.

Commercial Model

Take advantage of our month to month contract model and have no out-of-bundle data charges or data bundle commitments through our pay-as-you-use data model, thus allowing your business to have a competitive edge in the market. 

Billing Model

Take advantage of our scalable cloud-based offering from day one with no upfront product or technology costs

Single Management Platform

Our innovative consolidated platform effortlessly and efficiently enables you to manage your customer’s various data requirements across different mobile network operators.


Will allow you to provide for enhanced data connectivity provisioning capabilities with seamless API integration.

Service Delivery

Through the platform, empower your customers self-service capabilities, resulting in improved operational delivery and efficiencies.


Gain secure recurring, long-term revenue streams that can provide your business with predictability and stability.

Increase your Brand Awareness

Leverage white-labelled software to increase your brand awareness without the need to build new solutions.


Increase the value to your customers through additional engagements, products, consulting opportunities and value-added services.

Trusted By Leading Brands Around The World

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