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Authenticate Users to Protect Against Identity Theft and Fraudulent Activity and Segment them for a Focused Customer Experience with Know Your Customer (KYC)

Digital transformation comes with concerns surrounding the safety and security of users and their data. But several Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions can be implemented to combat this problem and to protect your clients and their sensitive data. At the same time they can also be segmented in order to ensure a focused customer experience in line with their individual profiles.

Ensure the Safety and Security of User Data

The value of user data is incredible, which is why corporates and operators need to ensure that it is safe and secure. Our KYC solutions assist in protecting your clients and their data through authentication processes, credential validation and by sharing relevant information with consumers to safeguard against identity theft and fraud.

Protect Users from Identity Theft

Our KYC solutions add in an extra layer of security to protect users. This includes providing multi-factor authentication for system access, the identity management of multiple resources and the secure sharing of personal information. All of which protects your user’s sensitive data against theft, loss or misuse.

Scan and Identify Fraudulent Activities at the Click of a Button

This innovative KYC solution enables operators and corporates to scan and identify fraudulent, cloned or stolen SIMs and handsets. Through an easy-to-use interface, clients can automatically disable or suspend devices and SIMs identified as being fraudulent, cloned or stolen.

Amplify Verification Processes and keep Users Informed

Our KYC solution is a customisable data set used to connect with users and provide them with relevant information regarding all resources and services throughout their network. This tool is a simple plug-in that amplifies verification processes, limiting the number of invalid, fraudulent, stolen and mistyped numbers that can be entered into the system.

Know Your Customer Solutions


Optimise your functionality and security through self service capabilities



Enhance profitability, data integrity, predictability and mitigate risks in almost real-time


Trusted By Leading Brands Around The World

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