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Reduce Fraud and its Impact on your Organisation

Utilise our innovative Fraud Detection live technology to identify and report on a variety of fraud-related scenarios that may occur in your network to reduce the impact of fraud on your organisation. This solution enhances regulatory compliance related to fraud detection, ensuring your business is protected and all due diligence boxes are ticked.

Fraud Detection live Benefits

Near real-time analysis

This solution provides near real-time fraud analysis that limits the duration and scope of attacks by raising alarms early, thus reducing loss of money.

Build customer trust

By implementing this solution, you provide your customers with a safe and secure platform where criminals are blocked before they can do harm, improving the customer experience.
security concerns in the telecoms industry

Enhanced security features

This technology enhances security and aims to reduce fraud with SIM swap detection services and dedicated banking gateways.

Fraud Detection live Features

  • This a platform that provides a telco-specific data warehouse with connectors into various data sources used by network operators
  • It is used for call data records (CDR) and any other network event storage and analysis, from terabyte scale to petabyte scale
  • It is offered as a turnkey solution that can be customised based on what our clients needs are
  • The FDlive module identifies and reports on several fraud scenarios that may occur in networks
  • It has been designed to simplify and automate the fraud detection process and reduces fraud risk, its impact and enables regulatory compliance
  • It provides access to live information on how end customers are using services and may actively prevent fraud from happening in near real-time by blocking or disabling fraudulent devices, SIMs, network routes, or systems
  • Any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity such as On-net Fraud, Roaming Fraud, High Usage Fraud, Pre-paid Fraud and International Revenue Share Fraud can be identified immediately and brought under control so as to avoid financial losses

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