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Protect your Business from Money Laundering

The shift to digital transformation has led to a rise in financial crime, which has far-reaching economic implications and extends to all levels of banking and mobile money. Protect your organisation from money laundering activities by implementing Adapt IT's innovative Anti-Money Laundering solution.

Anti Money Laundering Benefits

Reduce the time and resources needed to identify and flag money laundering activities

The machine learning and artificial intelligence technology utilised within this solution simplifies and streamlines the process of identifying and detecting suspicious behaviour.

Minimise risk with real-time watchlist screening

Quickly determine potential matches between records. Records that exhibit a close match are then presented and flagged as matches in an alert for further investigation.

Enhance efficiency

Reduce time-consuming investigations and false-positive alarm generation with this solution that uses risk-based and quantitative/qualitative tuning to monitor scenarios. This provides higher alerting efficiency rates and improves the overall suspicious activity reporting process.

Protect your organisation

Give your business peace of mind – by implementing this innovative solution you will be fully compliant in terms of the AML legislation ensuring due diligence on the part of your organisation.

Anti Money Laundering Features

  • This platform provides a telco-specific data warehouse with connectors into various data sources used by network operators.
  • It is used for call data records (CDR) and any other network event storage and analysis, from terabyte scale to petabyte scale.
  • This feature is offered as a turnkey solution that can be customised based on what our clients needs are
  • The Fraud Detection module identifies and reports on a number of fraud-scenarios that may occur in networks.
  • This allows you to identify and manage potential fraudulent activity in real-time by blocking or disabling fraudulent devices, SIMs, network routes, or systems.
  • This feature offers trend and traffic pattern analysis.
  • The technology effectively assists in managing on-net fraud, roaming fraud, international revenue share fraud, high usage fraud, subscription fraud, prepaid fraud and data fraud.
  • The Revenue Assurance module improves revenue security and regulatory compliance.
  • This feature provides an automated, auditable solution for any provider of telecommunications services for the collection and processing of event data used for auditing purposes.
  • The technology provides audit, trace and logging functionality to review the processing accuracy of the system at any time.
  • This feature automatically provides reconciliation and validation of data.
  • Using this solution you are able to identify, report on, and manage revenue leakage in the network due to tariff misconfiguration, roaming agreement misconfigurations, and more.

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