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Give your Corporate Customers Full Control and Increase your Brand Loyalty

Support your high-value Corporate Customers with a highly customisable and easy-to-use self-service solution that empowers them to proactively serve themselves. This solution provides a Telcos Corporate Customer full visibility and control of their IT ecosystem in one consolidated place. This platform can be deployed on-premise or cloud-based and can be branded to be 100% you, by you, for your customers.

CCSS Benefits for Telcos

Create additional revenue streams

This solution allows you, as a Telco, to offer customers more value added services which in turn create new revenue streams that enhance profitability.
business model

Increase brand loyalty

By offering customers a solution like this, that gives them control and enhances efficiency, you are adding value. This improves customer retention and experience while reducing churn.

Optimises functionality and security

This technology ensures that all data and information are secure and easily accessible by those granted access. This allows customers to optimise functionality and efficiency.

Reduce the administrative burden

The self-service capabilities of this solution allow customers to control and manage elements directly on their side. This reduces the number of queries coming through from customers and the administrative burden on Telcos.

Seamless integration with existing solutions and 3rd party applications

This solution has been developed and created to seamlessly integrate with existing solutions, reducing implementation complexity. The CCSS platform can also integrate or interface with any third-party application and in doing so enables the creation of a truly immersive, single-user experience.

Minimal capital investment required

This technology is structured modularly, allowing you to scale up and down on the services depending on your needs and budget.

Lowering customer effort

The level of effort required by customers is a vital aspect of their experience. With CCSS, you can assist customers in accomplishing Their objectives with minimal effort. By offering a self-service option, you can decrease the need for customers to call, wait, describe their problem to an agent, and go through the process. The result is a more satisfied customer and improved customer experience.

CCSS Benefits for Telco Corporate Customers

Offer customers more control

This powerful self-service tool will provide your corporate customers with direct and fast access to information without the need for requests or permissions from you.

Informed decision-making

With the insight and understanding this technology provides on actual data usage and the cost of Telco services, Corporate Customers can make more informed business decisions that will benefit their business.

Reduced waiting times

With this platform, Corporate Customers can resolve tickets, problems or issues in record time, reducing frustrations and waiting times.

Enhanced visibility

This solution offers a consolidated, single-user experience and a single source of truth, which provides Corporate Customers with an accurate view of their IT environment and information.

Accurately predict trends

This solution allows Corporate Customers to future-proof their business by accurately predicting trends and their impact on the business’s bottom line. This enhances business performance and planning.

Effectively manage spend

This technology provides the insight and data needed for Corporate Customers to effectively manage and control spend in relation to Voice, SMS and data usage.

Save on expenses

By utilising this innovative technology, Corporate Customers can identify and eliminate abuses and save on their monthly bills.

Corporate Customer Self-Service Features

  • The People and Organisation feature is designed to assist Corporate Customers in allocating and managing the IT resources allocated to employees and departments. 
  • This centralised end-user management feature allows Corporate Customers to efficiently  allocate, identify, apportion and monitor all assigned Telco and technology services from a people-focused view that mirrors their business hierarchy.
  • This feature offers comprehensive coverage for all financially dependent elements  within a Corporate Customer's IT ecosystem. 
  • By consolidating invoices, infrastructure, services, inventory, and budget forecasting into a single, centralised platform, Corporate Customers can benefit from improved financial visibility.
  • This flexible and robust solution offers precise billing information and reporting capabilities.
  • Give Corporate Customers unprecedented visibility, control and predictability over data usage. 
  • The APN-as-a-Service  module is a feature that allows the Corporate Customer to gain access to a consistent and effective mobile data connectivity solution that supports all working requirements. This includes remote work and the demands of their employees.
  •  Empower Corporate Customers to manage their data services without the need  to implement complex setups, configuration or integration across multiple mobile networks.
  • Mobility is a mobile management feature that assists Corporate Customers in understanding and managing their mobile utilisation and services. 
  • This offers Corporate Customers unmatched visibility through reports and dashboards of their mobile voice and data consumption, plan types, services and spend.
  • Enable your Corporate Customers with control of their mobile environment through self-service capabilities and administrative actions.
  • Provide proactive insight with alerts when business policies and protocols have been breached, and/or when consumption of restricted services have occurred.
  • The imports feature allows the transfer of spreadsheet data, in bulk, into the CCSS platform. 
  • This reduces the heavy lifting and time spent on capturing  person, asset or service information data, one at a time.
  • This is an integrated ticket logging feature for Telco Corporate Customers and/or resellers to engage and interact with the Telco and/or Adapt IT regarding  support.
  • This platform is inclusive of a Self-Help portal enabling your Customers to have access to information such as support FAQs, self-help articles, training videos, training assessments, documentation and system notifications.

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