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Increase Customer Growth through APN-as-a-Service Connectivity Management

MNOs and MVNOs can utilise our APN-as-a-Service Connectivity Management solution to empower their Corporate Customers to take control of their mobile data ecosystem. This is done by providing Corporate Customers with a solution and tools necessary to effectively manage and control their spend and data needs. This technology also provides cost effective, consistent, and effective connectivity solutions that support increased remote access for remote working requirements and demands.

APN-as-a-Service Connectivity Management Benefits

Enhanced control

This solution provides a single point of management, reporting, and billing for mobile data users across multiple network operators. It also enables you to serve multiple customer APNs (Access Point Name) within a single network operator.

Complete visibility

Corporate Customers can utilise this innovative software solution to gain complete control of mobile spend through near real-time monitoring and customised business rules. Consumed data usage is updated every 60 seconds to provide companies with a real-time view.

Effective risk management

This solution reduces the chance of surprise bills and out of bundle exposure by giving Corporate Customers complete control over data allocations.

Efficiently manage remote working and data usage

Give your Corporate Customers the control and ability to monitor and manage the costs associated with their workforce and their remote working data usage and consumption through near real-time.

Save on costs

By using this solution Corporate Customers are able to save on costs by reducing the number of expensive contracts, limiting service and data abuse by employees as well as utilising analytics to monitor employee usage and productivity.

APN-as-a-Service Connectivity Management Features

  • Manage your wholesale data usage and allocation across organisational structures, users and departments
  • Sell wholesale data usage offerings to enterprise customers, with the same usage and allocation abilities 
  • Complete support for multi-tenancy features, including seamless provisioning for enterprise customers, and management of unique tailor-made offers
  • Dedicated firewalls through the v.Services ecosystem
  • Secure VPNs and other cloud-hosted services
  • Secure SMS/SIM and One Time Password encryption for customers
  • Geo-lock specific devices
  • SIM card lock to a specific device
  • On-demand Static IP pool management NFV and customised VRFs for usage control - provides increased  agility, and faster response to customers demand for data  and bandwidth
  • Content / URL inspection services
  • Traffic shaping
  • Enhanced Deep Mobile Packet Core integration through DIAMETER which extends the service offering into enterprise and the Internet of Things markets
  • Extended offering capability through deeper operator network integration

How It Works

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