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Package data and connectivity solutions for your end customers across mobile networks

As a Channel Partner, APN-as-a-Service helps you drive revenue growth by expanding your service offerings to include Data and Connectivity solutions across multiple mobile networks. This solution delivers a customised data connectivity journey for your end customer, which gives them complete control of their data and connectivity management requirements.

APN-as-a-Service Data Management Benefits

Single management platform

Effortlessly manage your customer’s various data requirements across different mobile network operators.
business model

No long-term mobile contracts or fixed data commitments

Enhance business agility by reducing the need for long-term contracts. Which impedes the freedom to adjust or adapt to your customer’s changing data and connectivity management needs.

Flexible Commercial model

Maximise your business' competitive edge by taking advantage of our pay-as-you-use data model, which allows you to customise data rates and packages.

Provisioning Integration via API

Enhance your Data Connectivity provisioning capabilities with seamless API integration.

Extended customer opportunities

Increase customer value and enhance brand loyalty through additional engagements, products, consulting opportunities and value-added services

Zero Startup Costs

Take advantage of a scalable cloud-based offering and flexible SaaS commercial model, allowing you to grow the platform as your customer base increases.

Enable an end-to-end managed environment

Give your customers complete control and management of their data connectivity environment from start to finish.

Manage data proactively

Meet your customers growing need for Data and Connectivity management across various market verticals, including SME, Corporate and IoT environments.

Self-service platform

Give your customers more control over their data ecosystem with a user-friendly self-service platform. Customers can take ownership of their data and connectivity needs, improving service delivery and operational efficiencies.

APN-as-a-Service Data Management Features

  • This solution offers end customers an array of flexible Data Connectivity options to suit their unique requirements across any network. 
  • Across any network, you and/or your customers are able to control and manage data usage in real-time. This enables your customers to proactively identify problems or issues.
  • This solution offers full API integration to ensure seamless integration with any existing business platforms. 
  • His widely deployed technology is used to provide authentication, authorisation and accounting for customer network access. With this, customers gain real-time control over their data allocation and consumption.
  • This functionality enables customers to segment connectivity and data traffic as well as the ability to apply business rules across different areas within their organisation.
  • Your customers will have access to a self-service reporting library which will provide detailed insights that will allow them to make informed business decisions related to mobile data spend and connectivity trends. 
  • This platform can be white-labelled to reflect the business identity and brand that your customers are familiar with.
  • The solution provides integration and extendibility to other technologies and services such as USSD, Traffic control and Location-based Services (LBS).
  • The infrastructure is fully managed, ensuring all necessary security protocols and regulations are in place.
  • This solution provides for an integrated and consolidated platform across different Mobile Network Operators, providing you with the flexibility to position various connectivity options and commercial models for your customers and prospects.   

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