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Create new revenue streams by monetising data and connectivity management solutions

Solve your end customer’s data and connectivity management challenges by empowering them with complete control over their data and connectivity ecosystem while creating new revenue streams focused on providing value-added services that boost profitability.

Data and Connectivity Management Benefits

Tailored mobile data connectivity

Reach a broader customer market, across industry verticals, by providing end customers with a tailor-made data connectivity journey.
business model

Self-service platform for your customers

Provide your customers with more control over their data ecosystem with a user-friendly self-service platform that enhances customer experience.

Give your customers visibility and control

Add value to your customer base and allow them to make informed decisions by giving them complete visibility over their spend, data and connectivity options through detailed advanced analytics.

Extended customer opportunities

Increase revenue streams by creating value-added solutions, products and engagements to increase brand loyalty.

Zero Startup Costs

Take advantage of a scalable cloud-based offering and flexible SaaS commercial model allowing you to grow the platform as your customer base increases.

Data and Connectivity Management Features

Flexible connectivity options

This solution offers end customers an array of flexible data connectivity options to suit their unique customer environment and needs.

Integrated Radius and data bundle management

This is a widely deployed technology that is used to provide authentication, authorisation and accounting for customer network access. With this, customers gain more control over their mobile data, consumption and data allocation.

Real-time, in-session data control

With this platform, customers are able to control and manage data usage in real-time. This enables customers to proactively identify problems or issues related to data management.

Static and Dynamic IP pool management

This functionality enables customers to segment connectivity and data traffic as well as the ability to apply business rules across different areas within their organisation.

API Integration

This solution offers full API integration to ensure seamless integration with any existing business platforms.

White-labelled solution

This platform can be white-labelled to reflect your business identity and brand.

Comprehensive Report Library and Self-service analytics

Insight into all your data through flexible and customisable self-service reports and analytics.

How it Works

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