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White Papers

USSD White Paper

The Significance of USSD in Emerging and First World Markets

Find out why text-based mobile technology remains the best communication solution and why 3.5 billion people around the world still use it.

NextGen v.Services Framework

Discover how NextGen v.Services provides a future-proofed, cloud-ready solution that is adaptable and facilitates fast and convenient implementation of new services which adds value to the end-users.

How FinTech is Revolutionising Financial Services

Explore how FinTech solutions are aimed at helping organisations find new revenue streams, tap into the unbanked market, add value to customers and enhance business profitability.

APN-as-a-Service - A Reliable and Quick Solution To Remote Working

Discover how this solution allows you to monitor and manage the costs associated with a distributed workforce and their remote working data usage and consumption.

Corporate Customer Self-Service (CCSS)

Support your high-value corporate customers by offering a customizable and easy to use self-service solution that it is branded to be 100% you, by you, for your clients.

Call Data Records -The Lifeblood of Telecommunications

Explore how CDRlive technology ultimately allows you to easily answer questions for empowerment around making effective revenue and churn management decisions.

IoT Connectivity Enabled Through APN-as-a-Service Technology

Future-proof your business and add more value to your customer base by adapting to the needs associated with digital transformation and developing IoT market trends with APN-as-a-Service.

How Self-Service Platforms Deliver an Ultimate Customer Experience in the Telecommunication Industry

Discover how self-service solutions are revolutionising customer service and experience within the Telecommunication industry.


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