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Create New Revenue Streams and Improve Customer Retention through NextGen v.Services

Digital transformation is changing business as we know it which means that for you to remain profitable and relevant you need to adapt and transform your product offerings and services to create new revenue streams and improve customer retention. Transport your business into the future with our innovative NextGen v.Services solutions.

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Move Beyond Network and Connectivity, Create Customer Value through New Innovative Digital Services

You need to differentiate your business, in order to remain competitive in this market. Businesses can no longer rely on standard product or service offerings that just talk to customer needs. Instead, you need to focus on creating customer value through innovative value-added services, this will drive profitability. Our NextGen v.Services solutions give you the competitive edge by providing service offerings that excite and engage your customers.

Build Innovative Software Solutions that Increase Profitability

Our innovative NextGen v.Services solution is a full-stack network-integrated platform that allows you to build innovative product solutions and your own set of unique products and services. Whether you choose to partner with strategic businesses outside of your industry, dabble in mobile advertising or look at ways to facilitate chat and social networking, the possibilities are endless. No matter which way you choose to go, expanding your offering will drive profitability.

Connect with your Customers

Your clients are looking for a personalised experience customised to their needs, and this is what our NextGen v.Services solution offers. Connect with your customers by providing them with value-added services that allow them to find information, communicate, interact, connect and engage anywhere and anytime.

Implement Business Processes and Orchestrate Interactions

Our NextGen v.Services solutions allows customisation of mobile features according to the user’s requirements. It also enables you, as the operator, to plan new or upgraded services and send the relevant settings directly to the user’s device. The implementations of these processes and business interactions improve customer experience and optimise business functions.

NextGen v.Services Solutions

USSD Gateway

Maximise marketing strategies and connect directly with customers.


NextGen v.Services Framework

Build user friendly solutions quickly, professionally and cost-effectively via a single common framework.


LBS (Location Based Service)

Utilise real-time geo-data to offer users location specific offers and value-added services.


SMSC Gateway

Connect with customers quickly, cost-effectively and directly.


An innovative solution is nothing without results which is why it is essential to showcase these here.

Discover how NextGen v.Services provides a future-proofed, cloud-ready solution that is adaptable and facilitates fast and convenient implementation of new services which adds value to the end-users.

Trusted By Leading Brands Around The World

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