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Advancing digital transformation within this dynamic industry is not just about innovative technology- it is about talent. As a business, we are always searching for passionate and talented individuals who will help us drive technology and change within this sector. We aim to merge innovation, technology and talent to build solutions that will make a difference and grow the industry as we know it.

We’re Always Looking for Good Talent

If you are talented, passionate about technology and looking for a new challenge within the telecommunications industry, contact us today to find your new career option

Why Work with Us

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Over the past 20 years, Adapt IT Telecoms has segmented itself as a global leader in the development of specialised digital software solutions for the telecommunications sector. Backed by deep industry expertise, knowledge and understanding, we are a passionate team that strives to deliver various innovative vertical focused solutions and offerings. We are a value-based company which at its core is focused on:

Having a global outlook

We are part of the Adapt IT Group, which is a JSE listed ADI Software and Services Provider with over 1000 employees and more than 10 000 customers. As a business, we have a strong global presence and footprint across multiple continents and countries. Our clients include some of the biggest Telcos in the world as well as several smaller MNO’s and MVNO’S.

Being leaders in innovation

We are proud to say that we are innovation leaders and have segmented this by building and developing technology with our own IP (Intellectual Property). We understand that innovative solutions and technology begin with a thought and an idea which is why we encourage our team members to consistently think outside of the box and develop these ideas into opportunities and actions.

Operating a multicultural business that is transformation based

As a business, we embrace transformation and are a Level 1 BBBEE contributor. Our team consists of a multicultural group of creative and passionate individuals who bring their own unique talents to the business and use these to develop and grow the industry.

The growth and development of future talent

We understand the need to cultivate talent and grow people, which is why we have developed our graduate program. Through this program, we aim to provide those starting out in the industry with the experience and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Results-focused and people-orientated

Our people are our most valuable resource. Diversity, creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm come together to create a melting pot where people can put their passion into action. We continually strive to build our own success stories and those of our partners, and we achieve this by leveraging the talents and skills of our multicultural, innovative and creative team. We take technological ideas and suggestions from our employees and turn them into new opportunities, constantly striving to drive progress in the world of telecommunications.

Accessible and accommodating

Our purpose-built, state of the art campus in Midrand has been developed as part of our drive to achieve and maintain high standards of delivery and create an amazing staff environment. It's also ideally located to attract the best talent while being convenient to commute from either Johannesburg or Pretoria. We adapt, so we are also flexible and accommodating when it comes to remote working.


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