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Leverage your Mobile Financial Services Data to Gain Actionable Insights, that will Enhance Revenue

Our innovative Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Analytics platform helps bridge the gap between telecommunication services and financial institutions. This solution provides up to date data related to your mobile financial services and mobile money solutions. Access verified data and reports to understand your customers better and utilise this insight to enhance profitability.

Mobile Financial Services Analytics Benefits

Cross platform integration

The cross platform integration of this solution gives you control of your Mobile Financial Services and all Mobile Money solutions through advanced analytics.

Access to independent reporting

This solution allows for effective independent reporting and verification of MFS data for auditing and compliance purposes.

Understand your customer’s behaviour better

This solution allows you to get a better understanding of your subscribers, their location, data usage volumes, spend etc. This insight can be used to target customer segments with specific products and services.

Boost revenue

Using the analytics and insights provided by this solution, you can gain a holistic view of network interaction and subscriber use. This allows you to create more targeted campaigns aimed at enhancing revenue and sales.

Mobile Financial Services Analytics Features

  • This platform provides a telco-specific data warehouse with connectors into various data sources used by network operators
  • It is used for call data records (CDR) and any other network event storage and analysis, from terabyte scale to petabyte scale
  • This feature is offered as a turnkey solution that can be customised based on what our clients needs are
  • The Mobile Financial Services module incorporates the data from Mobile Money systems and the rest of the network
  • It uses the data to provide a holistic view across all customers with in-depth insight into spending behaviour
  • This feature allows you to analyse financial trends and displays the data in an easy to use format
  • Users are able to select the frequency with which results are made available
  • This feature displays the most important factual financial developments and their strategic significance

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