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Advanced Telecommunication Software Solutions

Adapt IT Telecoms provides advanced Telecommunications Software Solutions that understand, enhance and anticipate business needs and is utilised across an array of sectors that include Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Internet Service Providers (ISP), Enterprise, Governments, Regulatory Authorities, Law Enforcement Agencies and Financial Institutions. When implemented, these solutions enhance competitiveness, increase efficiency and drive your business growth and profitability.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Gain insight into business critical analytics related to revenue streams, customer churn, growth opportunities, interconnect traffic, customer behaviour and more in almost real-time.

Customer Experience and Mobility

Customer Experience and Mobility

Offer your users innovative self-service platforms and solutions that put the control, visibility and efficiency in their hands, enhancing their overall customer experience which reduces churn.


NextGen v.Services

Enhance competitiveness by providing customers with value-added services that can be easily integrated, implemented and rolled out to market, efficiently and quickly.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Offer your users an IoT device management platform that allows users them to control, manage and secure their devices, taking the administrative burden off of you.


Tap into the growing number of unbanked customers while differentiating yourself within the market by creating inclusive, agile, and responsive FinTech solutions that add value and convenience to your customer base and enhance profitability.


Know Your Customer

Ensure the safety and security of user data and protect users against identity theft and fraudulent activity through authentication processes. This solution also enables you to gain insight into your customer profiles, churn, device and data usage etc, in order to upsell products and services.

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AI in Telecommunications
Telecoms Industry News

The Future of AI in Telecommunications

Discussions around AI in telecommunications and the application of this technology are taking centre stage within the industry. Telcos are utilising AI technology, which combines

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Experience 38 Years In Telco Industry
Supporting 2,500 B2C Enterprise Clients
Serving 210 MILLION Mobile subscribers a Day
Processing 15 BILLION Call Data Records Per Day
Serving 30 B2B Telco Customers
Delivering 200 MILLION SMS’s Per Day
Processing 5 BILLION Transactions Per Day

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Discover how Self-Service Platforms Deliver an Ultimate Customer Experience in the Telco Industry

In this whitepaper we examine how self-service solutions are revolutionising customer service and experience within the Telecommunication industry and how this platform answers customers’ specific needs for more control, access, flexibility, and convenience.

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