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Adapt IT - Telecoms

Advanced telecommunications software solutions that understand, enhance and anticipate your business needs

Adapt IT | Telecoms provide advanced solutions across the Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO), MVNO and ISP Core Network to the customers who are constantly looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of their competitors in an evolving operating environment.

Our Global Tier 1, 2 and 3 MNO, MVNO and ISP customers are cloud and security ready, dynamic, flexible and constantly attracting new clients – through giving them access to actionable intelligence.

Through Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Experience & Mobility (CXM), Next-Gen Value Added Services (VAS), the Internet of Things Management (IoT), FinTech and Advanced Analytics – Our solutions offer a high return on investment through neatly packaged, scalable, resilient, carrier-grade and fully integrated software suites.

Our API integrated, cloud-ready platforms can be deployed on any hardware – streamlining and accelerating integration with diverse network architectures.

Adapt IT | Telecoms continues to expand and currently provides long-term delivery and support to over 30 (b2B) Telco Customer and 2500 (b2c) corporate and enterprise end-user customers.

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Our Solutions



Providing your corporate customers with shared resources like directory services, identity management and credential validation.

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Enhancing customer experience with interactive operational dashboards, digitization, optimization, reporting, and expense and usage management tools.

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Taking basic services like USSD, SMS, Bulk SMS, and elevating them to simple, easy-to-use, essential tools.

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Experience financial freedom with our secure solutions, including the money wallet, AML module, MFS analytics and financial integration. These solutions are easily implemented and compatible with most financial institutions.

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Administrate all your mobile assets and resources from a simple, single, integrated platform.

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Improve your business processes by tracking your high-value customers, following emerging trends, exploring revenue, data health and more.

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Latest Telecom Insights

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ETL is short for "Extract, Transform and Load" and is essential to the effectiveness of business intelligence (BI) processes and systems. The ETL process allows for the collection and processing of data from different sources in one place. This data is then analysed to provide insight into business performance, highlight opportunities for improvement and facilitate [...]

How Digital Transformation Empowers Telecommunication Corporate Customer Satisfaction

The advancement of digital transformation within the telecommunication sector is driving change. Corporate customers need solutions that provide them with the ability to manage both business and administrative processes and solve challenges related to the tracking and understanding of mobile data and usage and how to utilise this insight to drive business revenue and growth. [...]

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