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Utilise Real-Time Geo-Data to Offer Users Location Specific Offers and Value-Added Services

Adapt IT’s NextGen Mobile Location Based Service (LBS) is a part of the v.Services Framework solution and taps into geo-data to track a subscriber’s location to deliver relevant information to them in real-time. This solution can provide users with valuable information, offer entertainment, enable security features, or offer value-added services.

LBS (Location Based Service) Benefits

Store locator

Users can find store locators easily.

Proximity-based marketing

Local stores or businesses can push adverts to users when they are in the proximity of their location or within the same city.

Travel updates

Users can receive updates about road accidents or road closures when in the nearby vicinity. Road accident assistance can also track the user’s location in emergency situations without the need for giving directions.

Employee management

Employees out in the field can check in at various locations using LBS. It can be a means to monitor performance, distance covered etc.

Fraud prevention

User location can be matched to credit card transactions. If the two are not occurring in the same location, a security alert can be flagged.

Driver monitoring

Can be used as an employee performance measure, or by insurance companies to assess how well insured vehicles are taken care of.

LBS (Location Based Service) Features

  • Periodic reports on subscriber location using the most appropriate location technology
  • Generate current and historical location reports
  • Trigger actions when a device enters a predetermined location

  • Track speed of vehicles/fleet

  • Track movement of your asset. Example: Generate an alert when an asset enters flagged location or area

  • Support an extensive range of mobile devices including IOS &  Android
  • Mapping text-based description of a location to a geographic coordinates and vice versa
  • Overlay Google Maps into the graphical user mapping interface
  • Receive customisable alerts via push services on information related to the Weather and Traffic as examples
  • Access to the software developer services API for easy integration to other platforms or future platforms and services
  • HTTPS / SSL encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Restriction of simultaneous logins
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Packaged with a fully customisable Billing Engine which can be used for on-demand, recurring, and bundle-based billing of LB
  • It can also integrate into the OCS platform for Pre-paid billing
  • The look and feel of the Portal can be customised to match the mobile network operator or other Customers’ corporate colours and branding
  • In addition to Google Maps support, mapping data from other sources can be added to, or overlaid with v.Tracking

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