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Connect with Customers Quickly, Cost-Effectively and Directly Using SMSC

Adapt IT NextGen Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) is part of Adapt IT’s NextGen vServices solution and forms the operating centre for the processing and regulation of SMS communication. This solution provides the ideal channel for you to connect, engage and market products to your customers directly.

SMSC Gateway Benefits

Enhance scalability

This solution is highly scalable and can be adapted to support any operator’s needs as well as large volumes of SMSs.

Cost-effective communication platform

This solution offers a cost-effective way to connect and interact with customers directly.

No need for specialised platforms

This solution runs on standard off-the-shelf hardware, virtual machines, or can be cloud-hosted, ensuring ease of implementation and roll out.
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Charging engine support

The charging engine supports event-based, time-based, and premium real-time, pre-paid and post-paid charging through various interfaces and CDR format.

Opportunity to create new revenue streams

This solution provides an opportunity for additional revenue streams, which means increased ARPU and profitability.

WASP connectivity

WASP connectivity information related to external content providers are configured through a web-based interface.

Blacklist configuration

With this solution individual WASPs, applications, or groups can be blacklisted or limited to certain subscribers.

SMSC Gateway Features

  • The bulk messaging feature allows operators to send thousands of SMSs to multiple mobile phones, quickly and affordably
  • The high open rates experienced via SMS communication offer a direct and open channel of communication between the operator and the customer, more so than any other channel
  • Prevent abuse of the operator’s network from fraudulent or undesired sending of SMS messages from internal or external rogue agents or networks
  • This is achieved by analysing all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, verifying source and destination addresses, and analysing the content of each message. This is done for the purposes of classifying the SMSs as spam, spoofing, faking, flooding, or as normal SMSs. Once defined, they can either permit or deny the SMSs from reaching their destination
  • Reduce unauthorised usage of network resources, the risk of revenue loss and improve the general quality of service with this solution
  • The Advertising Engine feature offers operators the capability to configure rich advertisements that are appended to the end of SMSC messages
  • The feature gives operators complete control over all aspects of the advert, including when it is activated, how many impressions are delivered, and how long it should be available
  • Subscriber profile targeted advertising is also supported

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