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Maximise Marketing Strategies and Connect Directly with Customers using USSD

Utilise our Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Gateway, which is part of our NextGen v.Services solution, for real-time interaction and communication with your customers. Use USSD to effectively target the right customers across segments and maximise marketing efforts.

USSD Gateway Benefits

Enable quick and simple service creation

This USSD gateway solution brings faster messaging to users as it creates a single, real-time session between the handset and user.

Provides 100% market coverage

Our USSD solution is menu-driven and is compatible with most handsets. This is an innovative platform that can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on any mobile device, which is the perfect vehicle for marketing and advertising campaigns across emerging markets.

Commercialisable architecture

This platform is versatile and can be used for mobile banking, recharging services, as well as marketing campaigns, competitions and more. This technology is scalable and customisable, allowing you to deliver targeted services and engage with your customer base seamlessly.

Offers service monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and measurement of services and campaigns is essential in determining their success. Effortlessly access analytics and insights from reports to make informed decisions on future activities, services and offerings.

USSD Gateway Features

  • The USSD Menu Builder allows all locally hosted USSD menus to be created, viewed, and modified from this fully dynamic web-based interface
  • Supported by multiple USSD Gateway mechanisms
  • Event-Based Rating: Subscribers will be billed once they reach a specific, predefined point in the USSD menu tree. If the menu entry point is used, this effectively becomes session-based charging
  • Time-Based Rating: Subscribers will be billed based on the duration of their sessions. This rating measure involves the reservation of funds, plus a commit and refund process. The reservation amount and charging interval can be configured
  • Premium Rating: Once subscribers reach a pre-defined point in the USSD menu, a premium rate can be applied. This can be put into effect by allowing authorized WASPs to return a flag to the gateway once the subscriber reaches that point
  • USSD offers superior reach for advertising campaigns, especially in emerging markets, as it does not require any data or internet connection to work
  • This highly interactive engagement advertising platform is cost-effective and allows you to be more targeted in your marketing approach
  • This feature is part of our value added solutions which enables a user to send free SMS messages to a recipient to call them
  • This solution is customisable and available through a USSD menu
  • Using a USSD code, users can send a “Please Call Me” message to another person, or in a marketing campaign
  • In addition, the service can be monetised by using adverts after the message is sent

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