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Build Innovative User-Friendly Solutions Quickly and Cost-Effectively via a Single Common Framework

Adapt IT Telecoms's NextGen v.Services Framework is a unique, open standard platform enabling simple, fast, affordable integrations between applications and networks, all via a single, common framework. This allows you to build innovative solutions that connect users to the right information, applications, and services, at precisely the right time.

NextGen v.Services Framework Benefits


Service consolidation

This software solution allows you to consolidate all services and applications on the same platform. Business logic is implemented in the DIP scripts, enabling the decoupling of all the functionality from the actual underlying protocols.

Superior scalability

This framework offers superior scalability by enabling the addition of focused capacity when required.

Single platform for multiple applications

This software solution allows you to add additional elements and applications to your network, expanding the platform's usage.

Built-in versioning and source control

This solution allows you to host all your configuration, business logic and rule definitions in a proper source and versioning platform. This will enable you to get alerts when changes are being made and will allow you to compare changes to configurations or revert to previous versions.

Real-time metrics engine

With this framework, you will have access to integrated real-time metrics and performance monitoring. This will allow you to monitor changes and immediately detect where additional capacity is needed. The reporting capability of this framework can also be utilised to identify usage patterns and detect traffic spikes.

Control console UI

With this software, you can monitor, configure, and deploy releases directly from the management console.

NextGen v.Services Framework Features

  • The NextGen v.Services management console is a powerful user interface that runs on all supported browsers
  • Its primary function is to provide v.Services users with complete control of the solution and its capabilities
  • This includes control of user management, the Dynamic Scripting Development Environment (DIP), server management, v.Services configuration, distribution to multiple nodes, server and license status checks, access to real-time metrics, reports and more
  • The v.Connect feature was specifically designed to allow for authentication and authorisation services
  • It enables telecommunications operators to share data products across 3G, 4G, DSL, and Wi-Fi networks in real-time, via connection convergence
  • NextGen v.Connect offers complete control and monitoring of the data usage
  • The NextGen v.Mobile feature offers full USSD gateway capability allowing operators to perform USSD services, specifically the rapid creation of USSD applications
  • It supports Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) management and shortcode routing capabilities, and more
  • The NextGen v.Billing feature enables real-time charging via any of the supporting charging protocols. It also offers the functionality for rating definitions, charging account management, bundle management, bundle configuration, notifications, and offline charging record generation
  • This feature can be used to collect event data that can influence your charging policies and rules for bulk or consumer service offerings
  • All data can also be used for market analysis, user value management or fraud and revenue assurance
  • Connect with your users directly with the NextGen v.Comms omni-channel service delivery feature and have complete control over all communications
  • This platform enables a common service layer that provides a single inbox used to aggregate feeds from all messaging channels, merging multiple communications into one manageable space
  • Using this feature, you can interact with the relevant telco gateways on one side while developing and deploying rich, interactive communication services to your users on the other
  • Standard functionality includes MMS, SMS, and email for one-to-one and bulk messaging, while enhanced functionality includes spam, virus management, and content filtering
  • NextGen v.Services Cloud is optional and offers you the ability to create your own unique service offering using the v.Services ecosystem
  • This framework combines connectivity and the complete capabilities of our enablement platform to your advantage
  • You are able to connect devices and users to any local mobile network, view and manage connectivity in real-time, allocate mobile data and service consumption

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