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Telecommunications Big Data Ecosystem and Advanced Analytics

Telecommunications Big Data Ecosystem and Advanced Analytics

Big data has been a trending topic in recent years, especially within the Telecommunications industry. With the increasing use of smartphones and other IoT devices and the vast amount of subscriber metadata available, there has been an acceleration in the amount of data flowing through a Telco network. The accumulation of this data has led to the creation of what is now known as a big data ecosystem. Below, we answer the question, “What is a big data ecosystem, and how can Telcos use Advanced Analytics and this big data ecosystem to enhance network performance and overall profitability?”

What is a Big Data Ecosystem in Telecommunications

Big Data Ecosystem

A big data ecosystem in Telecommunications refers to the complex network of tools, technologies, processes, and data sources that Telcos use to collect, process, analyse, and derive insights from the massive amounts of data generated within the Telecommunications industry.

Big Data Ecosystem Components

The big data ecosystem in Telecommunications typically consists of several vital components, which include the following:

  • Data Collection: Telcos gather data from various sources, which include network infrastructure, customer devices, applications, as well as external data providers. This data can be structured, such as call detail records (CDRs), or unstructured, which includes social media feeds.
  • Data Storage: The collected data is stored in data lakes or warehouses.
  • Data Processing: Telcos will then utilise advanced analytics software to process the massive volumes of data. This involves cleaning, transforming, and aggregating data to make it suitable for analysis.
  • Data Analytics: Various advanced analytics techniques that utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies will be used to build models that identify the relevant insights required for the Telco to automate decision-making processes, optimise network performance, personalise customer experiences, as well reacting to unexpected behavioural trends within the data.
  • Visualisation and Reporting: The insights derived from this big data are presented through easy-to-understand visualisations, dashboards, and reports, enhancing efficient decision-making.

The Significance of Big Data in the Telecom Industry

From the above, we now understand how the big data ecosystem works and how it uses advanced analytics to derive valuable insight related to the network and its customers. What may be unclear is how these significant data insights are then utilised by a Telco. We highlight a few of these uses below:

Network optimisation and management

Telcos can utilise big data analytics to monitor and manage network capacity and use these insights for network expansion planning. The near real-time capabilities of advanced analytics also enable a Telco to effectively identify any problems within the network that may affect customer experience. This ensures that the network and its systems are secure, reliable and running as they should.

Customer experience enhancement

With so much competition between Telcos, there is a need to enhance competitiveness, and the personalisation of services and offerings is one way of doing this. Telcos can use big data analytics to identify important insights related to customer segmentation and behaviour. With these insights, Telcos can better personalise offerings and conduct targeted marketing campaigns, which will likely increase customer conversion rates and retention.

Fraud detection and prevention

Telecommunications fraud is a severe threat to Telcos, especially since the estimated global revenue loss reached a staggering 2.2% or $40 billion. Telcos can detect unusual behaviour and anomalies within the network by utilising advanced big data analytics. This assists with minimising financial losses and preventing fraud.

Predictive maintenance and fault prediction

By using big data analytics and predictive maintenance models, Telcos can monitor the performance of the network and its infrastructure components to identify potential issues before they become larger problems. This ultimately leads to cost savings and improved operations.

Adapt IT Telecoms Solutions: Advanced Analytics

We have identified that advanced analytics within the extensive data ecosystem is critical to the success of a Telcos operations. Still, with many different advanced analytics solutions on the market, it is often difficult to find the right fit. This is where Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution takes centre stage.

Adapt IT Telecom’s Advanced Analytics Service is underpinned by the innovative CDRlive platform, which enables the ingestion and multidimensional analysis of large data volumes at high speeds. This Business Intelligence (BI) tool encompasses report writing and data mining. It utilises descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide report insights that enable you to configure the network, products and services optimally. This software also allows more advanced reporting based on aggregate and business logic applied data that will answer specific questions that Telcos require to solve problems and plan more effectively.

This solution’s ability to process large volumes of data and derive relevant and accurate insights from this big data makes it unique. The data sources that this solution pulls from include call detail records, customer and product data from CRM systems and financial data from the billing systems. This data is further supplemented by additional data around subscriber behaviour pulled from social media, insurance, or other ad-hoc information sources.

This solution allows for the fast loading of these large volumes of data, and the CDRlive technology transforms, analyses, cleans and standardises the data so that relevant and accurate insights can be pulled. These insights include information related to:

  • Customer behaviour.
  • Network and product performance. 
  • Network issues or opportunities.
  • How marketing campaigns have impacted customers.
  • Customer experience throughout the customer journey.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Revenue leakage and fraud detection.

The above points are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the valuable and relevant insights a Telco can access with this solution.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution empowers Telcos to make data-driven decisions, optimise their operations and network performance, enhance customer experiences, reduce fraud and stay competitive in this rapidly evolving industry.


Telcos’ big data ecosystems are set to continue to evolve and grow in terms of the massive amounts of data flowing through the network. For a Telco to utilise this data in a way that empowers the business to increase revenue and profitability, it is critical to have an advanced analytics solution in place. Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides almost real-time insights into elements related to network performance, customer behaviour, fraud detection and more. By utilising these big data analytics, Telcos can make informed business decisions related to customer experience, enhance their network performance and operations, reduce fraud, and ultimately increase profitability. For more on how Adapt IT Telecoms can help you get the best insights out of your big data ecosystem, visit:  https://telecoms.adaptit.tech/solutions/advanced-analytics/

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