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Advanced Analytics: The Superpower Driving Business Efficiency and Profitability

Advanced Analytics is empowering several industries. Analytics, in its simplest form, is the analysis of data and statistics. The use of data analytics as a business tool has evolved from being used in the 19th century to initiate time management exercises and measure the speed of assembly lines in the 1960s. Today advanced analytics is being used to provide critical business insights related to operational efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Data analytics has become one of an organisation’s superpowers. It utilises innovative technology to discover and interpret patterns and trends within business data. This insight has allowed many organisations to harness their data effectively to make informed business decisions, providing them with a competitive advantage. Advanced analytics help organisations be more innovative, learn more about customers, enhance processes and operations and make informed decisions regarding products and services. In this way, advanced analytics has become a key driver for performance and business success.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is being used to get more out of data

There is no doubt that analytics have become critical to success, and in many cases, Advanced Analytics is considered the biggest digital asset across sectors. You may be asking why this is the case?

The simple answer is that analytics provide the key to enhanced performance and operational efficiency. Advanced Analytics utilises the data relating to your operations, offerings, and service delivery to provide you with a deeper understanding of what is working and what is not. It allows you to predict future outcomes and trends, reduces risk and empowers you to make informed decisions.  

Advanced Analytics is not just software or technology. It utilises a number of different methods to make these observations. These include:

  • Data Mining – The purpose of data mining is to sift through large datasets to uncover patterns, trends, and other hidden insights that may not be clearly visible. This is done using machine learning and statistics.
  • Predictive AnalyticsPredictive analytics is an analytics tool that utilises algorithms, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence (BI) technology to convert big data into actionable insights. This process analyses current and historical data to provide businesses with insight that is used to create new business applications, services, and product offerings, identify new trends or risks, detect factors affecting productivity and profitability and more.
  • Prescriptive analytics – prescriptive analytics provides calculated steps to be taken next. This technology utilises applied statistics, deep learning, computer vision, and other advanced methods.
  • Big data analytics – big data is accelerating volumes of large data sets or information assets that come from a number of different data sources and are stored in data warehouses and databases. To utilise these large volumes of data, they need to be interpreted, leveraged and understood which is where Advanced Analytics comes in.

Advanced Analytics is being utilised to drive profitability and efficiency. This technology is fast becoming the “superpower” behind the growth across industries.

empowering industries

Empowering industries to get the most out of their data

Advanced Analytics is key to success as it provides invaluable insight into all aspects related to operations, efficiency, productivity and more. Advanced Analytics can be utilised across various industries to answer a number of specific needs and requirements. We explore these in more detail below.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

Pain point: MNOs are always looking for more intelligent and innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition and retain customers within this very saturated market.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides MNOs with near real-time accurate and complete information related to the monitoring and reporting in revenue, interconnect traffic between networks, churn tracking, KPI performance, customer and market segmentation. In addition, the Advanced Analytics data model captures and audits raw information to ensure the accuracy of insights. MNOs are able to utilise these accurate and valuable insights to identify opportunities to improve their services, offerings, develop relevant and targeted marketing campaigns and add value to their customer base which in turn boosts revenue. 

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)

Pain point: To gain their share of this niche market, MVNOs are looking for a differentiated value proposition based on personalised offerings that talk to specific customer needs and requirements. 

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides insight into what services and offerings customers are looking for, patterns of consumption, churn tracking, customer behaviour, market segmentation and more. This near real-time accurate information can then be utilised to develop personalised and specific customer offerings, improve the customer and user experience, reduce costs and enhance invoice reconciliation, which is critical to reducing customer churn and boosting profitability.

financial institution

Financial Institutions

Pain point: Financial institutions are having to expand on their services to stay relevant. With many turning to offer telecommunications services, such as digital payment platforms, they are adding value to their customer base. With these new service offerings, also comes a need to reduce risk and track credit worthiness. 

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides insight into businesses critical data related to growth opportunities, new revenue streams, customer experience, service consumption and the monitoring of the customers overall buying behaviour. It also assists in tracking the credit worthiness of customers to reduce risk. This allows financial institutions to target market segments better and ensure that the customer experience is where it should be to retain customers.

Internet Service Providers

Pain point: Many Internet Service Providers leverage off of their value-added offerings, especially where end-user customers are concerned. This allows them to stay ahead of their competitors in the industry.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides critical business insight into new growth opportunities and what value-added services their customers are looking for. This insight assists in making informed decisions related to new offerings, interconnect traffic and improvements in the customer experience.

monitor and prevention

Law Enforcement Agencies

Pain point: Increased mobile adoption and usage has not just expanded in the business world but in criminal circles as well, which poses a problem for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides Law Enforcement Agencies with a way to monitor illegal mobile leveraged activities across multiple network operation platforms. By utilising these analytics which provide location-based information and reporting capabilities, you can gain access to the insight needed to prevent possible criminal behaviour and enhance the safety of citizens.  


Pain point: Governments are constantly looking at different ways to utilise technology to enhance operational efficiency as well as the health and safety of their citizens.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides Governments with a way to utilise technology to effectively track and manage situations that could impact the health and safety of their citizens. These situations include terrorist attacks, natural disasters, pandemics, traffic accidents and more. Advanced Analytics can also be used by government authorities to track illegal mobile leveraged activities and prevent crime.

regulatory authorities

Regulatory Authorities

Pain point: Regulatory Authorities are under pressure to ensure the competitiveness of multiple network environments. They also need to ensure that the quality of service is achieved by these networks and that compliance is adhered to in terms of fair usage policies, bandwidth utilisation and consumer value.

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution provides  a way for Regulatory Authorities to ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring and reporting bandwidth usage, revenue leakage in networks, fraud, anti-money laundering activities (AML), tariff misconfiguration, roaming agreements and more. This ensures sector competitiveness, quality of service and compliance across service providers.

Advanced Analytics Superpower

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics Superpower

As a business, Adapt IT Telecoms understands the need for advanced Telecommunications analytics technology. Over the past 20 years we have worked hard to consistently improve on our Advanced Analytics technology and solutions. Our innovative CDRlive platform, is the result of this and has been utilised to empower a number of big and small businesses across industries.

At the centre of our CDRlive platform, is essential business data which comes from a collection of business critical information, referred to as Call Detail Records (CDR’s).

Call Detail Records (CDRs) provide data regarding how users utilise a phone system, the internet, video calls, SMS, etc. CDRs provide hundreds of fields for each call record and provide information related to each call type. CDR’s may also include other forms of communication transmission information. This data can be utilised for:

  • Billing purposes which include invoicing reconciliation and validation
  • The tracking of revenue, usage as well as conducting an exploratory analysis of profitability drivers 
  • Identifying the risk of fraud across voice, data and digital services. Providing regulatory support, information and understanding around optimising system usage, network integration and planning
  • The monitoring of network performance in almost real-time, which are utilised to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met
  • Gaining insight into customer behaviour to track, predict and reduce customer churn. 
  • Planning and managing the Next Best Action (NBA) from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. This provides essential information to support strategic planning and informed decision making
  • Reporting related to traffic analysis and revenue generation from roaming and interconnect traffic.  This assists in facility capacity planning as well as device performance analysis
  • The effective tracking and management of ASPU, ARPU and mobile money

Although CDR’s provide valuable data, as they stand they do not make sense on their own as they have not been transformed into usable information or actionable insights. This is where Adapt IT’s CDRlive platform takes centre stage. CDRlive is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ready solution that turns CDR’s into valuable insights that can be utilised to improve on all industry specific requirements related to operations, performance, offerings, service delivery and profitability. 


Advanced Analytics have become a business superpower. This innovative technology is allowing businesses to harness important information and data relating to their business operations, service delivery, offerings and more. This allows businesses across industries to extract meaningful data and actionable insights that can be used to effectively drive success, productivity, operational efficiency and profitability.

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