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How our CDRLive and Vision solutions is being used by governments

Each and every day, governments across the globe are having to manage different threats and issues relating to national security which can impact the health and safety of their citizens. Governments are having to look at new solutions to monitor and track these threats, and one such solution is the implementation of innovative technology, like Adapt IT’s CDRlive and Vision software solution.

What is the CDRlive and Vision software, and how does it work?

Governments are often confronted with threats and issues related to terrorism, criminal activity, traffic control and management, diseases and outbreaks, car accidents and more. Not only would these issues impact the safety of citizens and travellers, but they can bring the country to a grinding halt if not monitored and managed correctly, as has been the case globally with the COVID-19 pandemic. Software solutions like Adapt IT Telecoms CDRlive Engine and Vision software answers to this need and provides governments with a way to proactively monitor, track and manage these issues in a non-intrusive way.

But how does this work? By making use of CDRlive Engine and Vision technology, governments can monitor the movement of local citizens, as well as international visitors using Call Detail Records (CDR’s). This means that governments can consistently track and monitor all citizens and foreign visitors using their mobile numbers, providing full visibility. The use of this sophisticated technology enables governments to implement immediate emergency management protocols, send out alerts, and inform citizens as and when required, to enhance safety and security.

This software is not a mobile app and is therefore infinitely more reliable as it has the advantage of being completely inclusive. This means that governments can track and monitor people no matter what mobile device they have, as long as they are connected to a mobile network, their numbers can be tracked. This allows governments to:

  • In the case of a disease outbreak, use this software to identify the locations and areas where an infected person has travelled to, inform the people that may have been in contact with them and let them know that they need to get tested or seek medical assistance.
  • In the case of a fatal accident, this technology can assist in locating the deceased person’s next of kin.
  • This software has many benefits for anti-terrorism operations and enables you to track and trace those on watchlists. In the case of a terrorist attack, this software will not only be able to track those who may have been affected by the attack, but also help identify people who were in the area in order to narrow down the search and assist in identifying possible suspects.
  • In the case of a kidnapping situation, the technology can be used to send out alerts in an area where the abduction occurred to enhance awareness and encourage people to look out for the victim or suspects. The software will also be able to track those who were in the location at the time of the kidnapping to narrow down the search and identify possible leads.

The features, applications, and benefits of this software solution

CDRlive Engine and Vision software are innovative due to the versatility of the technology in relation to the different applications that can be used for a number of government operations. This technology lends itself to several different track and monitoring needs, including the following features:

  • Real-time tracking of specific people – this can be done in real-time directly to the MNO system (GMLC). You are also able to use triangulation to improve the accuracy of location, but this is dependent on the network’s SMLC/eSMLC.
  • Historical tracking of a watchlist – you can import all relevant data required to assist in handset location of those on watchlists, such as VOICE, DATA, SMS, USSD, records etc.
  • Interactions based on location – you can specifically target those in specific areas or regions, to keep storage and processing to the minimum.

This solution also enables you to:

  • Manage watchlists and add new MSDISDNs manually
  • Monitor movement of people using geofencing and send out alerts to the relevant government department concerning the movements of specific people
  • Send out alerts directly to citizens

There are several additional benefits to the CRDlive Engine and Vision software that make this solution an excellent option for governments looking to enhance the safety of their citizens. These benefits include:

  • The use of non-intrusive technology
  • 100% connectivity and participation of all active mobile devices connected to the Mobile Networks
  • Complimentary Failover system running 24/7 seamlessly in the background
  • Proven technology used by various networks worldwide
  • A location-based solution that enables the real-time tracking of local citizens and travellers
  • All processes can be managed from a centralised control centre and can be distributed per state or area as required

Addressing the concerns surrounding data privacy and the use of this technology

There have been concerns surrounding sharing and privacy of data and the use of this type of software, but when there is an issue affecting national security and the health and safety of citizens, governments may choose to implement this type of technology. It is also important to mention that this telecommunication software solution can be structured to be as intrusive or non-intrusive as you need. It is equipped with varying levels of data anonymisation that can be implemented to enhance privacy, putting minds at ease regarding the protection of personal data.


CRDlive Engine and Vision software can provide governments with new innovative ways to ensure the safety of their citizens. By using this advanced tracking solution, governments will be able to track and manage potential issues and threats with enhanced visibility and reliability in the hopes of protecting citizens and saving lives.

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