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CDR : How To Leverage Your Call Detail Records Effectively

When a customer makes a phone call or some kind of other telecommunications transaction, a call detail record (CDR) is made to keep track of these records for billing purposes. The question is: is your business maximising those records to increase profit and decrease cost?

Analysing detailed call records allows telecom companies to maximise profits, empowering decision makers with the ability to plan the next business steps. When MNOs do not have the right systems in place, they lose the competitive advantage and revenue.

Your business already has the data. It just needs to be extracted, analysed and utilised.

Complete and accurate data

McKinsey Global Institute reports that companies who are data-driven, acquire customers 23 times more, retain customers six times more, and are 19 times more profitable than those who are not data-driven.

But making the best decisions requires data analysis and a complete and accurate picture. If not, the data cannot be relied upon; it is useless and skewered.

More importantly, at the very least, the cost of incomplete and inaccurate call records data means higher IT spend, decreased productivity and unreliable BI, leading to mistakes and missed opportunities.


CDRlive: accurate and complete

Enter CDRlive; drawing on all the customer generated data in your network, its built on a deep understanding of mobile telecoms networks and has a fully auditable ETL (extraction – transform – load) process which ensures that the critical data being used is both “Complete” and “Accurate”:

Complete data

  • Was all expected data received for processing? Most files generated by the network contain enough sequential information to be able to generate a pattern that can be used to identify if there is a possible gap or missing data. We use algorithms to detect and alert on these gaps. 
  • Was everything that was received processed? Each file with event data that is received for processing is tracked in such a way that audit reports can easily show where each file is in the ETL process.
  • Are all files that were received loaded? If not, where did they get stuck?  Visual representations on the loading dashboard make this easily traceable.
  • Is everything that was processed included in the report? All reporting use logging algorithms that can be used to clearly identify late landing data.

Accurate data

  • CDRlive includes an automated self-validation function that generates alarms if KPIs are outside of an expected range. These ranges are self-configured and self-correcting.
  • CDRlive handles duplicate files and event records to ensure that each is only reported once.
  • Each record that is available for reporting can be traced back to the original raw input file that was generated by the network

Only complete and accurate CDR allows organisations to make effective business decisions.

Product and service development

Leveraging call detail records effectively means using the correct software to provide all the views you need. CDRlive is the only software of its kind in the world; a robust and sophisticated BI technology created exclusively for telecoms.

Create and manage new products or services by extracting, converting and loading all CDR data into a digital warehouse. That will provide any and complete answers about your business.

For instance, not only can data show where your network’s revenue is coming from, but it gives a complete view of the difference between high value and low-value contributors. Integrate additional information from different departments and use the various modules for different focuses.

CDRlive is an AI ready telecom-focused precision analytics tool to track and manage profitability covering the complete customer lifecycle. It’s been developed over 18 years of deep learning in the mobile operating environment.

Data Analytics

Deep insights

Drawing on all the customer generated data in your network, CDRlive provides an easy to understand snapshot of your network.

CDRlive’s innovative ETL process seamlessly integrates data from all network sources (MSC, SGSN/GGSN, billing, AIR, SDP, VOIP or any other node that generates event data) to form a complete and full picture of network status.

This merging of data allows for enhanced visualisation that is not possible with single source tools. For example, track revenue compared to actual usage or revenue contributors by product offering at the location where the usage occurred.

It equips businesses with effective revenue and churn management decisions. It also tracks KPI’s, Spend, movement of subscribers in and out of the network, interconnect, VAS and much more.

CDRlive builds a 360-degree revenue profile of each customer segment, where they live and work, what their revenue is for the network, how much they spend per service, what device they are using, recharge and VAS purchase trends, usage patterns and so on – all vital details for effective segment targeted marketing.

CDRlive benefits sales and marketing teams in planning their next marketing campaigns by using social media analysis of client segments. In addition, call detail records are almost in real time, giving business the opportunity to adapt and respond instantly.

CDRlive modules

Thanks to CDRlive and the LGR acquisition, Adapt IT now offers advanced analytics to mobile network operators.

CDRlive, combined with Adapt IT’s toolset, offers a unique set of Telco‐specific tools and specialised analysis and reporting functions designed for high volume, massively complex telecommunications network data.


  • The open architecture is engineered for scalability, compatibility, adaptability. The same platform supports small startups to large MNOs with multi-billion event records per day.
  • The customisable architecture allows you to pick which modules to include.
  • It provides real-time ETL and Alerts.
  • All applications run through a common framework, which simplifies installations, operations, and upgrades. Agility is achieved through embedded rule sets that replace time-consuming code changes.
  • Auditability provides clear and precise tracking of all input data throughout the processing lifecycle.


  • Contextual representation of the numbers in a way that they provide the most business value
  • Data from various sources is incorporated into a consolidated dashboard where all relevant data can be seen together
  • Easily accessible, reliable data to drive business decisions
  • Revenue assurance through analysis of Interconnect, usage trends and detail spend
  • Easy to use and customisable reports and dashboards at any level of detail
  • Quick Deployment:  CDRlive is delivered with core business key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable quick insights

CDRlive consists of various modules that can be added on for other in-depth views of the business.

Discover in-depth business answers

CDRlive Everywhere is a Business Intelligence (BI) application that uses an advanced platform to represent CDRlive data, providing meaningful and deep insight into network performance, revenue, customer activity, segment targeted marketing and data usage.


  • Easy access to business-critical data anywhere, anytime
  • Self-service portal for CDRlive data.
  • Facilitates ad hoc analysis on CDRlive data
  • Analyse rollups or drill into detail data
  • Automated data extraction and alerting
  • Vetted data model and interface
  • Fully audited data ensures confidence in accuracy and completeness of reports
  • Configurable interface options
  • Economical SaaS with high ROI


View into competitor networks

CDRlive Compana is the competitor analysis module of CDRlive.

It is specifically designed to dive deep into the hundreds of terabytes of network data and use advanced analytics to derive a picture of the competitor network’s subscriber behaviour.  

This product uses all network data, not sampling, to form a more complete model of competitor subscriber counts.  

KPIs include active subscriber count, churn and growth trends and the derivative market share numbers. Usage to and from competitor networks is also tracked. This insight into competitor MNOs is a valuable resource for optimising marketing and sales strategies.


How Compana works.


Retain high-value clients

The Tarifflive module identifies high-value customers so that operators can develop retention strategies to enhance customer experience.

By generating new and innovative products, services and pricing packages, operators can focus on customer satisfaction while boosting revenue and differentiating themselves from their competitors.


How Tarifflive works.


  • Customer experience journey can be mapped out easily
  • Tailor-made pricing can be done with ease for clients in simple outputs
  • A view of detailed billing


  • Clients are able to easily see the benefits of packages, which can increase revenue.
  • Detailed packages can be shown to clients to allow them to choose the best option.
  • Staff can tailor-make packages to keep those big contract clients.

More storage for big data

BDLive works cooperatively with CDRlive to manage structured data and to simplify processes for users already familiar with structured data sets. The administrator framework is used to manage all processes in a single interface.


How BDLive works.


  • Deeper analysis
  • Auditable traceability


  • Bigger CDR storage from Terabyte to Petabyte
  • Social sentiment insights and discovers and groups communities

In conclusion

CDRlive is built on a deep understanding of mobile telecoms networks and has fully auditable ETL (extraction – transform – load) processes which ensure that the critical data being used is both ‘’Accurate’’ and ‘’Complete’’.

Explore the Power of CDR

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