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The Advantages of Being an Adapt IT Telecoms Channel Partner

Businesses today are always looking for ways to increase annuity revenue and create new revenue streams, this is especially the case in the Telecommunications industry. Adapt IT Telecoms has realised this need and has created an exciting opportunity for South African businesses in the IT, Tech, MVNO,  and IoT solution space, to become Channel Partners. You may be asking, “Why become a Channel Partner?” We answer this question in more detail below.

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Why become an Adapt IT Telecoms Channel Partner?

Adapt IT Telecoms has developed an innovative technology platform that will enable your business to expand and complement your current market offerings through the delivery of a  tailored Data and Connectivity solution for your corporate customers. 

As a partner utilising our solution, you will have the flexibility to model as well as package Data and Connectivity for your customers across mobile networks, thus allowing you to tap into different industry verticals and customer segments to expand, grow and develop your business. These verticals include, to name a few, healthcare, security, smart buildings, agriculture, retail, education, transport, and logistics.

As a Channel Partner, you will be able to increase your stickiness and value within your existing customer base, as well as expand your customer market, this  is made possible through the following benefits by:

  • Zero Startup Costs – you will be able to take advantage of our scalable cloud-based offering from day one with no upfront product or technology costs.
  • Improve Service Delivery – your customers will be empowered by the platform’s self-service capabilities resulting in improved operational delivery and efficiencies.
  • Recurring revenue – secure recurring, long-term revenue streams that can provide your business with predictability and stability.
  • Increase your brand awareness – leverage white-labelled software to increase your brand awareness without the need to build new solutions.
  • Extended opportunities – increase the value to your customers through additional engagement, products, consulting opportunities and value-added services.
  • Single management platform – our innovative consolidated platform effortlessly and efficiently enables you to manage your customer’s various data requirements across different mobile network operators.
  • Flexible Commercial model – you can take advantage of no out-of-bundle data charges or data bundle commitments through our pay-as-you-use data model, thus allowing your business to have a competitive edge in the market. You will also be able to take advantage of simplified billing through a single data rate across any mobile network, thus allowing your business to customise data rates and packages for your customers.
  • API Integration – will allow for enhanced data connectivity provisioning capabilities with seamless API integration.

The benefits mentioned above are a stepping stone for business growth. This would not be possible without the ability to add value to your customer base and get their buy-in to the Connectivity solutions on offer. By becoming an Adapt IT Channel Partner, you will be able to add value to your existing and new customers in the following ways:

  • By having more control of your customers’ Data and Connectivity, you are immediately able to identify cost saving and optimisation opportunities.
  • Proactive visibility of mobile data consumption and forecasting capabilities.
  • Take the complexity out of managing contracts, data allocation, data bundles and out of bundle charges.
  • Simplify SIM allocation and the reporting of users/devices within customer’s cost centres and sites
  • Segment traffic and access to specific applications and/or content.
  •  Ability to identify run-away SIMs or costs as a result of abuse and theft.
  • Gain access to business intelligence to make informed and strategic decisions.
channel partner

Why Adapt IT?

From the above, it is clear that there are several benefits related to being an Adapt IT Telecoms Channel Partner with the ability to deliver niche data connectivity and various technology offerings to various customer segments.  As Data Connectivity is critical to many industry verticals, finding the right Connectivity solution to meet specific customer needs is often challenging.

Adapt IT’s ever evolving technology and flexible commercial model will enable you as a Channel Partner to cater to these specific industry needs with the capability to roll out customised mobile Data Connectivity solutions. Since the onboarding process is simple and streamlined, you can get these solutions to market fast. In this way, Channel Partners can step in where the current network operators are lacking.


By becoming an Adapt IT Channel Partner, you can take your business to new heights in terms of your customer value proposition, new revenue streams and business growth. This process is made as easy as possible by the Adapt IT Telecoms team, who provide the technology, support and guidance necessary for implementing customisable Connectivity Solutions across mobile networks and industry verticals. For more information on becoming an Adapt IT Channel Partner in South Africa, click here

Grow your Business & Increase Revenue

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