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CDRlive enabling the transition to 5G Network

The rise of 5G is impacting every industry across the globe, including the telecommunications industry. This has meant that many businesses, including Telcos, have had to adapt, innovate, and change the way they are doing things to take full advantage of 5G. This has resulted in many Telcos turning to innovative software like Adapt IT’s CDRlive technology to better transition and target end users and customer segments in order to reduce customer churn and increase profitability.

5G – The world’s connectivity needs are changing

5G is the 5th generation of mobile wireless communications technology and will account for 20% of global connections, according to GSMA. By 2025, it is expected that 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. Operators and carriers across the globe are supporting the shift towards 5G with an expected investment of around $1.1 trillion in mobile CAPEX over the next four years. This technology is set to change the way many businesses operate as it allows for faster connectivity, lower-latency, enhances bandwidth and connectivity speed.

5G is set to significantly impact the mobile industry and its customers as it enhances the flexibility and fluidity of connectivity. This will allow Telcos to target enterprises and end users with 5G related applications, products and devices specifically built for their needs.


Challenges Telcos are facing with regards to the shifting to 5G networks

The transition to 5G carries immense potential for Telcos, but this does not come without its own set of challenges. These challenges are related to:

  • Cost – although 5G is accelerating in many corners of the globe, the cost of 5G devices is still relatively expensive for many end consumers, making the transition to this network challenging. This is a barrier to entry in terms of migrating consumers from legacy networks like 3G and 4G.
  • Coverage – 5G coverage relies on infrastructure, which is often expensive to develop and implement in all locations and areas. This will mean that there is 5G coverage in some areas and not in others, which could mean that you are not able to target a whole customer segment.
  • Plans/Products – 5G related plans and products need to be affordable for end consumers and targeted towards the areas that have 5G in order to ensure profitability.
  • Access – providing access to the 5G network for all is often difficult due to 5G cost and coverage. If your customers cannot access the network, you will not be able to sell them 5G related products and services which will impact your bottom line.

As a Telco, how do you overcome these challenges? The simple answer is by targeting the right customer with the right 5G plan at the right time. This sounds incredibly difficult and complex, but it is a reality with Adapt IT’s CDRlive technology.

How CDRlive enables the transition to the 5G Network

CDRlive is a platform that offers you powerful insight into exactly what your customers are doing when they use your network’s services. This is done by examining customers’ Call Detail Records (CDR’s). These CDRs provide valuable insight relating to who is on your network, where they are, the device they are using, the type of inbound/outbound usage on the network etc. This insight is necessary to effectively target the right consumer with the right 5G product or service.

This sounds quite simple, but it is a complex process, especially considering that Adapt IT analyses hundreds of millions of CDR’s per day. CDRlive takes all information provided by the CDR’s and packages it into understandable and actionable insights about your customers and their behaviour. One of the many benefits of CDRlive is that it is highly customisable, so you are able to select the information you need to make informed business decisions. This technology also provides the information you need in almost real-time, which means you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for the data you need.

The insight and data provided by CDRlive on customer behaviour, network coverage, billings, device use, etc., provides you, as the Telco, with the correct information needed to develop targeted product offerings and effective sales and marketing campaigns. This ensures that you are targeting the right consumer every time, which ultimately accelerates sales and profitability. We examine the different ways CDRlive enhances targeting through reporting below.

CDRlive reporting capabilities and how they enhance customer targeting

As mentioned above CDRlive offers valuable insight into your customer base and how they are using your network. These reporting capabilities provide several different benefits related to effective customer targeting. Below we offer some practical use cases for how CDRlive is being used in Australia to transition customers to 5G.

5G Monetisation

In Australia, specifically, there is an extensive 5G rollout happening. Telcos are going to be switching off the legacy 3G network, and the plan is to migrate those customers directly to 5G. CDRlive can analyse device and network usage, which means that you can identify those customers who are still on the 3G network and who are using non-compatible devices. You, as a Telco are then able to target and upsell 5G specific plans to this targeted customer segment to transition them onto 5G. From a Telco perspective, transitioning customers onto 5G will simplify the number of plans across the networks and ensure better service and coverage. Telcos are monetising this process by supporting the transition with different incentives and 5G plans, and affordable products for those making the switch to 5G.

5G Scorecard

CDRlive reporting makes it possible to identify the uptake in 5G, network performance and usage behaviour. For example, you will be able to see if a customer has a 5G device but is not using the 5G network. From here, you can dive deeper and see if they have had network problems, if they are actually using the device, and if there are any issues preventing them from using 5G. This assists in understanding customer behaviour and will also provide the valuable insight needed for marketing and targeting. The reporting on network performance, customer type data, data stage, voice dropout details etc., also assists in identifying possible problems and issues. For example, if a customer calls a call centre, you will be able to see if they have been experiencing network problems and address these before you answer the call. This insight becomes extremely valuable in enhancing customer service and experience, rectifying issues quickly, and reducing customer churn.

CDR Live Ongoing Network Reporting

Ongoing Network Reporting

This form of reporting provides the capability to measure network utilisation on 3G, 4G and 5G for network capacity assessments and opportunities. This offers valuable detailed insight into network usage and how people are using the network, which can be used to drive 5G adoption. This kind of reporting is not readily available and is something that is unique to Adapt IT.

Ad-hoc and Campaign Reporting

One of the many benefits of using the CDRlive technology is the ability to track product activations, marketing campaigns and the corresponding usage or behaviour change. For example, as a Telco, you are running a marketing campaign or initiative to transition customers onto the 5G network. The campaign is focused on getting customers to trial the 5G network for a free trial period. This software will be able to tell you which customers have utilised the trial, how they have used the network and enable you to connect and communicate with them to get feedback and to ultimately sell them a 5G package. CDRlive not only incorporates Call Detail Records but also uses additional data sources like Salesforce to provide meaningful information and insight related to the campaign.

The above are just some of the ways in which CDRlive can be used to assist Telcos in transitioning customers to the 5G network.


The transition to 5G is accelerating globally and Telcos are at the centre of this process. In order to transition customers and provide them with the right 5G plans, you need to target them effectively. CDRlive technology makes this possible by providing valuable insight into network usage, the devices being used, how customers are using the different networks and more. This insight can then be used to develop 5G related products and offerings catered to specific targeted customer segments. This enables you to sell the right 5G product to the right customer. CDRlive is a game changer, and it functionally is allowing Telcos to make informed business decisions that are aimed at driving the transition to 5G and profitability.

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