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Secure Access for Everyone, but Not Just Anyone

Automate the onboarding of users and self-registration through the CCSS (Corporate Customer Self-Service) portal whilst still providing a safe and secure experience. The portal’s authentication policies will subsequently enable access to only approved users by providing the right level of security without compromising the user experience.

Protect Identities and Your Business

Remain productive and reduce business risk with flexible identity management and security that supports your constantly evolving digital initiatives.

Authentication Benefits

Secure login infrastructure

Without sacrificing security, easily authenticate users and customers across all your applications and services with your custom, secure, and standards-based unified login.

Single Sign-On

Empower your users and customers the freedom through single sign-on to access all their relevant services, content and application whilst still maintaining the control and enhanced security your business demands.

Enable a secure workforce

Implement a custom set of multi-factor authentication methods and gain the security, control and visibility you need whilst achieving your business and team desires.

Authentication Features

  • Designed for security and convenience, this cloud-based or on-premise authentication portal provides greater control, superior protection and ease of use, for users to securely authenticate through single sign-on to access multiple applications and services in one consolidated place

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