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Find out why text-based mobile technology remains the best communication solution and why 3.5 billion people around the world still use it.

In this white paper:

  • Overview and workflow of USSD
  • The current landscape of  emerging market vs first world market
  • The value of USSD in Africa, emerging and first world markets
  • What the future holds for USSD in  Africa, emerging and first world markets
  • NextGen VAS v.Services, an innovative solution that caters to businesses looking to interact with the customers
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Explore the current Communication Landscape and what the Future Holds for USSD in Africa, Emerging and First World Markets.

In this whitepaper, we unpack USSD and how this technology is being utilised in both emerging and first world markets and what services and offerings this technology can provide Telco customers.

We also take a closer look at the future of USSD in these markets and how Adapt IT’s NextGen VAS v.Services Framework solution is providing Telcos and businesses with cost-effective and inclusive ways to market, connect, interact and sell products and services to customers using USSD.

USSD White paper

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