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Unlocking the Power of Advanced Analytics for Safe Cities

The concept of a safe cities is a relatively new term that has come to the forefront of many governmental discussions globally. A safe city is a city that utilises advanced analytics technologies to assist governments in reducing the possibility of crime and providing a safe and comfortable environment for its citizens. Technological advances, specifically in the space of advanced analytics, have made this possible. Below we answer the question, “How are governments utilising technology to create and manage safe cities?”.

How Advanced Analytics Can Enhance Safe Cities

To understand how advanced analytics can be used to enhance safe cities. It is essential to understand what advanced analytics are. In simple terms, advanced analytics is the process of examining data or content using various sophisticated advanced data analytics tools and techniques to discover deeper insights, make predictions and generate recommendations.

These advanced analytics techniques and tools include data analysis and text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, forecasting, visualisation, semantic and sentiment analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, complex event processing, neural networks and more. 

Now you may be thinking, how does a government use this technology to create safe cities? The answer lies below.

It is no secret that government sectors face significant challenges in leveraging and utilising digital tools and data. This is where Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution comes into play. This technology can be utilised to monitor and track revenue, compliance, fraud and collusions and can also be used to manage threats and issues that affect national security.

By using this innovative technology, governments can utilise Telco data to improve policing, defence services, social services and government programs, all of which enhance the safety of cities.

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How does this technology work?

Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solutions utilises the innovative CDRlive and VISION technology. This technology uses Call Data Records (CDR) and other network-related event data to produce valuable and actionable insights that will assist in creating and managing safe cities.

The implementation of this solution begins with the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. This data integration tool gathers and consolidates raw data from multiple and relevant data sources. The data is then loaded through CDRlive into a data warehouse. While in the data warehouse, the data is indexed, partitioned and structured for performance. 

Depending on the customised data model, governments can pull specific insights and analytics that will assist in the following:

Tracking Illegal Mobile Leveraged Activities

  • The VISION technology in collaboration with government authorities, the VISION technology can track and monitor illegal mobile leveraged activities.
  • Location-based services can be used to track and monitor movement, watchlists and interactions.

Monitoring Fraud

  • The Fraud Detection module allows governments to identify and manage potential fraudulent activity in near real-time by blocking or disabling fraudulent devices, SIMs, network routes or systems.
  • With this technology, governments can track on-net fraud, roaming fraud, international revenue share fraud, high usage fraud, subscription fraud, pre-paid fraud, data fraud and more.

National Disaster Management

  • The VISION technology can effectively help governments with national disaster management.
  • This technology can be applied and used to track, monitor and trace citizens during a pandemic, terrorist attack, natural disasters and other situations that impact citizens’ health and safety.
  • This technology uses location-based services to monitor movements and interactions and send citizens alerts directly.
  • This technology is used in collaboration with local government agencies and line with legislation.
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The Benefits of A Secure Safe City

From the above, it is clear that this kind of technology can assist governments in making cities more secure. Utilising the right software and tools is crucial to ensure the data is viable, relevant and complete. This is possible when using a technology like Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics. It must also be mentioned that this technology keeps the data secure and safe, generating valuable insights without compromising privacy. Over and above data privacy, this solution also provides governments with the following benefits:

  • Near Real-Time Fraud Analysis – with this technology, governments can access near real-time fraud analyses that limit the duration and scope of attached by alerting to potential fraud early and, in doing so, reducing the loss of money.

  • Enhanced Efficiency – governments can reduce time-consuming investigations and provide higher alert efficiency rates with this solution. This improves the reporting process for suspicious activity.
  • Disease Outbreak Management – in the case of a disease outbreak, governments can use this software to identify the locations and areas where an infected person has travelled to, inform the people that may have been in contact with them and let them know that they need to get tested or seek medical assistance.

  • Anti-terrorism Management – this software has many benefits for anti-terrorism operations and enables you to track and trace those on watchlists. In the case of a terrorist attack, this software will not only be able to track those who may have been affected by the attack but also help identify people in the area to narrow down the search and assist in identifying possible suspects.

Kidnapping and Crime Prevention – in the case of a kidnapping situation, the technology can be used to send out alerts in an area where the abduction occurred to enhance awareness and encourage people to look out for the victim or suspects. The software will also be able to track those in the location at the time of the kidnapping to narrow the search and identify possible leads.


With safe cities becoming a goal for many governments, these organisations are looking at ways to utilise technology to make this possible. Advanced Analytics is becoming central to making safe cities a reality. It is, however, crucial to ensure you have the right software in place, like Adapt IT Telecoms Advanced Analytics solution. This solution provides ways for governments to better manage illegal activities such as fraud and collusion, as well as threats, crime, and natural disasters. This is an exciting space to watch and one that is set to impact the way governments choose to run their operations.

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