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Ensure Revenue Assurance and Protect the Health and Safety of Citizens

Government sectors are often faced with significant challenges when it comes to leveraging digital tools and data. Using Telco data, governments can derive solutions and bolster their services to improve policing, defence services, social services and environmental programs. Our innovative Regulatory Government solution fulfils a number of these essential functions. Not only does this technology monitor and track revenue, compliance, fraud and collusion within markets, but it can also be used to effectively manage threats and issues that affect national security. These solutions are used in collaboration with local governments and are in line with local government legislation and regulations.

Government Regulations Benefits

Customisation of solutions and systems

From a local to a national level, all government sectors require unique and customised solutions and systems. Specifically developed with fit-for-purpose capabilities, this solution can be customised to your specific government sector, depending on its needs.

Mitigate risks and reduce crime

Data-driven monitoring services have become critical to policing and health monitoring across many governmental institutions. This solution allows for the real-time tracking of specific people, the historical tracking of watchlists, and enables governments to manage issues and threats related to citizens' health and safety.

Near real-time fraud analysis

This solution provides near real-time fraud analysis that limits the duration and scope of attacks by raising alarms early, thus reducing loss of money.

Enhance efficiency

Utilise this solution to reduce time-consuming investigations and to provide higher alert efficiency rates and improve the reporting process for suspicious activity as a whole.

Government Regulations Framework Features

  • Utilise our Revenue Assurance module to ensure the collection of the right fees and taxes that is due to your government authorities
  • This technology automatically provides reconciliation and validation of data while allowing you to identify, report on and manage revenue leakage in the network due to tariff misconfiguration, roaming agreement misconfigurations and more
  • Utilise our innovative VISION technology, in collaboration with government authorities, to track and monitor illegal mobile leveraged activities
  • Utilise location-based services to track and monitor movement, watchlists and interactions
  • Our Fraud Detection module allows you to identify and manage potential fraudulent activity in near real-time by blocking or disabling fraudulent devices SIMs, network routes or systems
  • With this technology, you are able to track on-net fraud, roaming fraud, international revenue share fraud, high usage fraud, subscription fraud, pre-paid fraud, data fraud and more
  • Our VISION technology can be used to effectively help governments with national disaster management
  • This technology can be applied and used to track, monitor and trace citizens in the case of a pandemic, terrorist attack, natural disasters and other situations that impact citizens health and safety
  • This technology utilises location based services to monitor movements and interaction and can also be used to directly send citizens alerts
  • This technology is used in collaboration with local government agencies and in line with legislation

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