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Minimise your Monthly Carrier Costs

Our MVNO Analytics-as-a-Service solution utilises machine learning and non-linear optimisation algorithms to sift through millions of network subscribers daily. This allows you to accurately predict if and when these users should be migrated, minimising your monthly carrier costs.

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MVNO Analytics-as-a-Service Benefits

Identify high value and low-value contributors at a glance

This innovative solution allows you to pull reports on information related to your customers life-cycle, acquisition and retention, spend, profitability and other drivers that influence revenue in almost real-time. This insight enables you to drive action and target the right customers.

Enhance profitability

This solution allows you to increase profitability by gaining actionable insight into customer behaviour. It can create a 360-degree profile of your customer segments, user patterns, revenue, and more.

Amplify customer acquisition and retention opportunities

This technology allows you to report on customer value indicators and drivers. You can then use this essential information to develop cost-effective product and service strategies that talk to your customers’ needs and requirements and increase profit margins.

MVNO Analytics-as-a-Service Features

  • Seasonal growth of new subscribers, the duration they’re active, and comparisons between subscribers on a longer tenure 
  • A detailed daily analysis keeps track of MVNO subscriber behaviour and, together with segmentation, helps the MVNO drive smarter marketing campaigns
  • Identify the most valuable customers
  • Identify the least valuable customers
  • Identify customer’s who are the most likely to respond favourably to new products or campaigns
  • Identify customer’s who are the most likely to become dormant or churn
  • All KPIs, analysis and dashboards via customer segments. e.g. revenue, activity and device analysis is segmented per customer segment
  • Segmentation parameters that are flexible and configurable
  • Micro segmentation
  • Revenue, subscriber performance, segmentation and other analytics takes the subscriber device into consideration
  • Determines what products are more likely to engage subscribers with a faster connectivity  smartphone vs a tablet
  • In-depth analysis of all network event records,  including all traffic types, and technologies (Voice, Data, Text, WiFi, VOIP or other available types) in one central source 
  • Interconnect and Roaming Reporting
  • Detail analysis of roaming usage and interconnect, places the MVNO in a position of power when it comes to negotiating internetwork agreements
  • Validation of roaming and interconnect spend forms an integral part of revenue assurance
  • Sudden subscriber behaviour change leading to costly usage spike
  • Safeguard the MVNO against usage abuse
  • Fully automated data enrichment and integration of different sources streamlines the analysis and reporting process
  • An accessible data model that supports ad hoc and self-serve data analysis and makes data science possible
  • A consolidated view of ALL KPIs
  • Fully automated, audited, and secure ETL

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