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Adapt IT Telecoms: 2021 Overview — A Year of Acceleration

2021, a year after all the COVID firsts, global adjustments, and “new normals”. At the start of this year, we were more than prepared for what was in store than we had ever been before. We set out to face the realities of remote working and changes within our industry head-on and with determination. Steven Sutherland, Adapt IT Telecoms Executive Director, recaps all the ways we accelerated in 2021. 

2021 Overview Blog

Transformation in Response to COVID-19: 

How did the lessons we learnt in 2020 lead the way in 2021? 

Throughout this past year, we’ve been re-reminded of the importance of agility. Time and time again we’ve seen that urgency is an apt response to the changes and challenges of our ever-evolving industry. 

In fact, over these last twelve months, we saw developments and growth that would typically take 10 years to occur. Developments in digitalisation, AI-powered conversation platforms, and the Internet of Things being at the forefront of all business operations and day-to-day life are merely a few ways we’ve seen our world transform in 2021. 

Acceleration of Customer Experience Deliverables: 

How did we grow and progress? 

Throughout this year, we continued to see the clear side-effects of COVID-19, a prominent one being the increase in demand for connectivity from users in both their personal and professional capacities. We felt this impact significantly within the Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators spaces. Through consistently delivering smart solutions that add value to our customers we have reassured them that we are a reliable and steadfast partner. 

Have you made any significant changes to your business strategy? 

Our internal business strategy has always been to maintain space for continuous growth in response to the needs of our users. And in this past year, we have expanded on a number of our client-specific solutions. Here are a few examples:

Acceleration of Customer Experience

Corporate Customer Self-Service Roll Out for Vodacom

Self-service is at the heart of Vodacom’s end-user expectations. Through the rollout of our Corporate Customer Self-Service (CCSS v4) platform, we were able to set Vodacom up for maximum corporate client retention. 

This upgrade allows us to facilitate a more real-time environment, as well as enable a single sign-on landing zone for other applications, including 3rd party applications. With CCSS v4, our customers can do certain things that they would have previously had to ask us for directly. CCSS v4 is another stepping stone towards our goal of extending enhanced and advanced end-user enablement to our users to complete tasks like building their own dashboards and generating their own reports independently with our solutions. 

Our CCSS v4 platform enables advanced capabilities and more control for our customers at no additional fees. Through our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) commercial based model we enable constantly evolving value for our clients at no additional cost fees.

Finally, CCSS v4 has allowed us to merge our APN Data Manager and APN-as a Service onto the same platform. And through APN-as-a Service, we connected 185 000 employees across South Africa, ultimately enabling a remote working environment that was previously not prioritised until COVID-19 transformed the working environments across the globe.

Accurate Analytics

Accurate & Complete Analytics

Our CDRlive solution draws on real-time raw binary data to provide our clients with insights into their customers. We created CDRlive with the ability to process billions of records every hour, helping clients move their customers from outdated 3 and 4G networks directly into the 5G network space. 

The following testimonial is a clear example of how our CDRlive actively assisted one of our key clients, Telstra, over the past year: 

“To ensure the success of Telstra’s 5G strategy, it was critical to identify the appropriate measures of success and monitor them. CDRlive was an incredibly important source of information for the 5G performance dashboard. We were able to measure the success of 5G devices rollout, customer plan uptakes and customer usage patterns. We were also able to identify opportunities to increase 5G device uptake and plans based on customer usage data from CDRlive. The combination of data from operational support systems and business support systems in CDRlive was imperative in measuring the right success factors. Thank you Gerda and team for your support in understanding the CDRlive data and also providing an interface to our dashboard.”

In addition, we have helped our MNO clients plan their infrastructure upgrades through real data and insight into how their customers are using their network. These insights have assisted with offering upgrades and tailoring solutions to specifically cater to needs they didn’t even know they had. 

Our wealth of expertise within the advanced telecoms analytics space together with the market’s appreciation for the value of accurate and complete analytics allowed us to complete two projects and onboard two new customers, namely MTC in Namibia and the Togocel located in Togo (Axian Group company). 

NextGen v.Services

NextGen v.Services

We took our NextGen v.Services framework to the next level. We transformed the platform to be more open-source, and today we enable customers to be more flexible and improve their efficiency through service consolidation and scalability. 

We recently completed the implementation of our latest update to our new tech-stack v.Services based NextGen VAS platforms in Telma Madagascar, TTCL Tanzania, and Togocel Togo.


Through research and our experience in Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Analytics, we identified a need within this market and from there, an opportunity to create a solution with the potential to reach 1.7 billion new consumers. Our solution? An entry-level low-cost Mobile Wallet that would allow Mobile Network Operators with small subscriber bases access to such an application to enable financial inclusion. These Mobile Network Operators now have access to new revenue streams within a space that was previously cost prohibitive. 

The Way Forward

Change is inevitable, but progress is optional. As our business continues to grow and the Telecommunications industry transforms, we remain committed to equipping our customers with the tools they need to succeed. We aim to create customisable solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business. And finally, we remain committed to implementing strategies that work to improve both our business and those we work with. 

Stepping into 2022

Stepping into 2022

As we look to the future, it’s evident that an abundance of opportunity lies ahead of us and our clients. In the year to come, we aim to build new relationships, whilst maintaining the success of existing ones. We know that the world will continue to change in response to COVID-19 which is still very much with us. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for us to adapt and excel as a business and in partnership with our clients. 

We look forward to journeying with clients who are wanting to diversify their technology solutions and portfolios through continued collaboration. 

In response to the industry’s demand for certain technological and software skills, we are amplifying our Graduate Programme intake. As a result, we can build the future of our business and empower our partners through sustained service and support. 


2021 has been a year of acceleration, both within our business and our industry throughout the globe. We’ve seen sectors transform seemingly overnight, and experienced progression that would normally span a decade. This said we believe we’re in a space of opportunity as a business, and this excites us. 

Our goal for 2022 is to remain the Telco partner of choice through and maintain our competitive advantage through our products and services. We look forward to working with you in facilitating connections in 2022 and beyond. 

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