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Enhance Profitability, Data Integrity, Predictability and Mitigate Risks in Almost Real-Time

Utilise our innovative Advanced Analytics solution to help you efficiently manage soaring data volumes, vast degrees of users, complicated queries, and fast-changing information in one place. This AI-ready telecom-focused precision analytics tool will effectively help you track and manage data integrity, profitability, predictability and mitigate risks in almost real-time, giving you a competitive edge.

Telecom Analytics Benefits

Enhanced business agility

This innovative technology enables you to measure growth and react quickly to events, challenges and opportunities, improving business agility.

Ensure data integrity

With this solution, you are able to extract, record, store and analyse reliable and accurate business data in real-time, which is vital to making informed business decisions.

Risk mitigation

This solution provides you with the answers you need in response to questions about customer behaviour, usage trends, and more. This allows you to mitigate risks by monitoring, tracking, analysing, and identifying issues and responding immediately, closing the loop on problems faced and creating revenue from opportunities.

Improve profitability and reduce churn

Our Advanced Analytics solution empowers you to manage massive streams of comprehensive, granular data that can be used to improve profitability and make effective revenue and churn management decisions.

Telecom Analytics Features

  • The CDRlive Data Warehouse is the central pillar of Advanced Analytics
  • It’s a platform that provides a telco-specific data warehouse with connectors into various data sources used by network operators
  • It is used for call data records (CDR) and any other network event storage and analysis, from terabyte scale to petabyte scale
  • It is offered as a turnkey solution that can be customised based on what our client’s needs are
  • The Essentiallive module provides essential reports that enable you, as an operator, to have a comprehensive view across your entire business
  • This feature provides a holistic view of what is going on in the network in order for you to monitor and make strategic decisions
  • The technology provides a high-level view for executives to monitor their business from a subscriber and revenue perspective
  • This solution provides an overview of KPIs for executives
  • The module provides more detailed reports to monitor the usage of products by subscribers
  • It also determines average revenue and spend per customer (ARPU/ASPU)
  • The AAlive, Advanced Analytics module enables more advanced reports
  • It also enables advanced analytics services and the capability to build predictive and prescriptive models
  • This module allows the operator to plan and manage the Next Best Action (NBA) from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • The solution provides the operator with a means to build their network according to their growth potential
  • It enables operators to configure products and services at the most optimal rate by adjusting the relevant metrics
  • The is module enables advanced analytical services to answer specific questions that business or operations request in order to solve problems and plan more effectively
  • RAlive, the Revenue Assurance module improves revenue security and regulatory compliance
  • It provides an automated, auditable solution for any provider of telecommunications services for the collection and processing of event data used for auditing purposes
  • This process is performed continuously with the primary aim of revenue calculation and reporting
  • This feature provides audit, trace and logging functionality to review the processing accuracy of the system at any time
  • It automatically provides reconciliation and validation of data.
  • The module allows you to identify, report on, and manage revenue leakage in the network due to tariff misconfiguration, roaming agreement misconfigurations, and more
  • The Fraud Detection module, FDlive, provides early detection of irregular patterns helps minimise the time a fraudulent activity 
  • Identify different types of fraud across voice, data and digital services
  • Protecting customers from telecom fraud reduces customer churn
  • Improves the customer experience and aids positive brand building
  • QoSlive, the Network Quality Services module enables detailed monitoring of the network
  • Protocol decoding and service assurance, QoS reporting based on network data
  • This module allows you to view data in almost real time so that you immediately know when there is a network event that requires attention
  • You are able to configure KPIs for network performance
  • MFSlive, the Mobile Financial Services module, provides a greater holistic view with in-depth analytics, which are not available standard Mobile Money platforms
  • Up to date, current data in an easy-to-use format
  • Enables organisations to discover emerging trends in the MFS space across key revenue and cost drivers
  • Independent reporting and verification of MFS data for audit and compliance
  • Understand your customer’s behaviour
  • Track actual usage and revenue against MFS forecasts, YTD or other defined periods​
  • Reduce risk with a current, accurate view of MFS
  • Report on mobile money, including loan analysis, recharges, purchases, age analysis, ARPU, ASPU
  • The Customerlive Time Value Management module helps to improve the brand value
  • It is a customer-centric module that provides products aimed to increase spend by your customers
  • This feature allows decision-makers to prioritise and meet the needs of all the customers by estimating customers’ lifetime value and investing in customer satisfaction accordingly
  • This helps generate customer profiles that detail what each customer wants, needs, and can afford
  • The module provides a view of customers' full network and digital experience
  • EDWlive the Enterprise Data Warehouse platform is an extension of the CDRlive DW platform and enables any other data within the enterprise to be extracted and reported on
  • This handles the ability for advancing technology to generate new data at increasing speeds and manages to deliver the consumers’ ever-growing need to digest and analyse that data in near real-time
  • This technology makes use of different data structures, which can inherently connect incoming streams of data into a changing model
  • This feature also presents an auditable traceability feature that enhances the validity and authenticity of the data it handles
  • Interconnectlive reports on revenue generated from interconnect and roaming traffic in order to enable better decision making on which network or roaming partners to promote
  • This offers a detailed analysis of roamers In and Out of your network
  • The module showcases where incoming roamers are most active, where they enter, and where they leave
  • The module lists daily and monthly roaming usage and revenue per day or month with a breakdown per service class (prepaid / postpaid) and service type (voice, data, SMS)
  • Reconciles usage reported on TAP to usage reported on the network and billing systems

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