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What is Pooled Data and Connectivity Management

Digitisation is constantly changing the business world as we know it. More and more industries rely on IoT devices and mobile ecosystems for organisations to function optimally. Many organisations are also turning to remote working or hybrid working environments. This comes with complex challenges related to data and connectivity management. MNOs and MVNOs are in a unique position to help these organisations solve these challenges. The answer lies in Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solutions that enable a customer to manage and define data bundles, data quotas, data allocation, remote connectivity and more. We deep dive into the value of Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solutions for both customers and Telcos below

Pooled data

What is Pooled Data?

To understand the value of pooled data, understanding what this term means is essential. Every modern organisation, in one way or another, relies on mobile data connectivity to function, either for enterprise mobility, remote connectivity or the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Therefore, reliance on mobile data is at an all-time high. The challenge comes with managing the data that each device needs effectively. This is where pooled data comes in.

Within the context of the Telecommunications industry, there are various pooled data terms that are necessary to know. These include:

  • Data Pooling – this refers to multiple devices sharing data across one organisation. This generally allows a business to use the data available in the best way possible. This kind of solution will allow for resource allocation, setting limits, and enhanced visibility across data consumption and costs.
  • IoT Data Pooling – allows for organisations to have a data allowance or shared data across all their IoT devices rather than paying per device and needing to pay extra for devices that exceed their data limits.
  • Pooled Mobile Data – this feature allows all APN SIMs to consume data from a large “pooled” data bundle dedicated to the organisation. In this situation, SIMs from different mobile networks can share the same data pool.

To simplify the above, pooled data is a simple and effective way for organisations to better allocate their data and manage their connectivity. It must be noted that pooled data works hand in hand with APN Management. APN management is an effective tool that is used to provide connectivity so an organisation’s employees are able to safely access the company network and information at any time and from anywhere, without pooled data this would not be possible.

Pooled Data & Connectivity Management

In the context of the Telecommunications industry and looking specifically at a Telco’s customer base, there is a need across industry verticals for Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solutions. Since businesses across industries all require these services, MNOs and MVNOs are uniquely positioned to create new revenue streams by offering customers these solutions. For this to be successful, MNOs or MVNOs need to be able to provide their customers with a solution that answers the following two problems:

  • Customers needing to pay for data they are not using.
  • Customers having to pay extra for data they need.

So, what is the solution? The answer lies in Adapt IT Telecoms Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solution. This solution has been developed with various industry verticals and customer environments in mind. It allows customers to define data bundles, define data quotas, set up reports and authentications, arrange quota TopUps, lock or unlock SIMs and more, all from an easy-to-use self-service platform. This is made possible by the following features:

  • Flexibility connection options – this solution offers end customers various flexible data connectivity options to suit their unique customer environment and needs.
  • Integrated radius and data bundle management – this widely deployed technology is used to provide authentication, authorisation and accounting for customer network access. With this, customers gain more control over their mobile data, consumption, and allocation.
  • Real-time, in-session data control – customers can control and manage data usage in real-time with this platform. This enables customers to identify problems or issues related to data management proactively.
  • Static and dynamic IP pool Management – this functionality enables customers to segment connectivity and data traffic and apply business rules across different areas within their organisation.
  • White-labelled solution – this platform can be white-labelled to reflect a customer’s business identity and brand.
  • Comprehensive report library and self-service analytics – with this solution, the customer can gain insight into their data through flexible and customisable self-service reports and analytics.

In this way, customers are empowered and have complete control over the data and connectivity ecosystem while saving on data costs.

Pooled data

How can the Pooled Data & Connectivity Management solutions enhance an MNO/MVNOs profitability?

From the above, it is clear that Adapt IT Telecoms Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solution has several benefits for end customers. The question remains, what are the benefits of this kind of solution for an MNO and MVNO?

We briefly touched on this subject earlier, but now it is time to dive in. By implementing this kind of solution MNOs and MVNOs can expand their customer base by offering this solution to various organisations across industry verticals. For example, this kind of solution can work for fleet management, widespread country deployment projects, smart city projects, smart buildings, manufacturing, construction, and the list goes on.

The other benefit to this kind of solution is that it adds immense value to an organisation specifically because of the following benefits:

  • A Self-service platform for your customers – customer experience is enhanced by the ability for a customer to have complete control over their ecosystem with a user-friendly self-service platform.
  • Visibility and control for your customers – customers will see the value in the complete visibility this platform provides them over their spend, data and connectivity options through detailed advanced analytics. This will give customers the insights and information to make better business decisions.
  • Zero technology start-up costs – the fact that this solution has a scalable cloud-based offering and flexible SaaS commercial model means that this solution is attractive to a number of customers, opening up more of an opportunity to expand the current customer base.

The ability to target more industries and add value to customers is vital for the success of an MNO and MVNO. This is because the Telecommunications industry is competitive, and everyone is fighting for “the same piece of the pie”. This kind of solution offers Telcos the opportunity to expand the services they provide to organisations outside the Telecommunications industry with the aim of increasing revenue, and driving profitability.


It is clear from the above that Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solutions are vital to the success of organisations across industry verticals. These solutions are putting the power back in the hand of the end customer and empowering them to take control of their data spend, data usage and connectivity. Over and above this, these kinds of solutions offer MNOs and MVNOs the opportunity to create new revenue streams and add more value to their customer base. As digitalisation continues to transform industries globally, Pooled Data and Connectivity Management solutions will be in high demand. Those telcos who have already started investing in these solutions will reap the rewards of this.

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