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Self Service Portals Give Corporate Customers The Speed, Control and Convenience They Crave

Digital transformation in the telecommunications industry has brought with it dynamic and innovative ways to manage administrative and business processes both from a Corporate Customer and Telco point of view. These innovations are deeply rooted in the need to solve the challenges around tracking and understanding mobile data and usage and then using this data to optimise processes and ultimately enhance productivity, profitability, and effectiveness. Corporate Customers are needing faster, flexible and convenient services, and Self Service Portals are the answer to this.

The challenges facing Corporate Customers and Telcos

Corporate Customers are under immense pressure to make sense of large volumes of complex data, to understand the details, to allocate costs and usage and to do this all with speed and accuracy. On the other side, Telcos are under pressure to provide their Corporate Customers with a great customer experience, where processes are efficient, data is controlled, where there is flexibility and less of an administrative burden.

These challenges often create bottlenecks on both sides, adds pressure and slows down efficiency, which all negatively impact both the relationship between the two and the business as a whole. Self Service Portals bridge the gap between the two and are a solution that allows Corporate Customers to take control of their data.

self service portal

The Need for Self-Service Portals

Gone are the days when your Corporate Customers will willingly sit on a call with a call center agent for hours trying to find and access the right information. Self Service Portals have become a tool used to give your Corporate Customers immediate control and answers to questions. Why is this important?

By providing your customers with a way to access the information they need conveniently, you are helping them do their job more effectively and efficiently by reducing the time and effort spent on searching for the information. This enhances your customer experience and satisfaction while reducing administrative burdens that cost both time and money. If Corporate Customers are happy with the levels of service, they are less likely to move to another service provider which ensures customer retention and profitability for you as the Telco.

The Advantages of offering a Self Service Portal

There are several other advantages related to offering a Self Service Portal for both Telco’s and Corporate Customers. These include: 

For the Telco:

  • Reduction in service queries/admin
  • Increase Telco revenue and maximises client retention 
  • Allows for the optimisation of bundle allocation and purchases 
  • Optimises functionality and security
  • Higher customer satisfaction means increased customer loyalty
  • Better insight into tailored products and the ability to be more responsive
  • Access anytime, anywhere for true workforce mobility
  • Moves users from prepaid to contract 
  • Little to no capital investment 
  • No software or hardware to manage or install 

For the Corporate Customer:

  • Less frustration due to faster access to information
  • More control/insights over data management and consumption
  • Secure access anytime and anywhere
  • Provides visibility of spend aligned to your business structure
  • Gives insight into voice, SMS and data spend
  • Optimisation of contract bundle allocation
  • Self-management of reports and real-time trending
  • End-user Mobile Application (Smart Phone, iOS, Android, Tablet)
  • Eliminates abuse
  • Direct access to billing and account information and details  

Adapt IT | Telecoms Corporate Customer Self Service (CCSS) solution

Adapt IT | Telecoms CCSS solution is a highly customisable software that was built to answer the needs and challenges of Telcos and Corporate Customers. This software was designed and is backed by years of industry knowledge, insight, and experience. This is a Self Service Platform that houses all the data associated with your Networks’ corporate users, both at an individual and company-wide level. 

The CCSS platform sets out your data on an easy-to-use dashboard, which allows you to analyse and understand the fountain of data related to your Corporate Customers and their users. The benefit of presenting the data in this way is that you have a birds-eye view of everything, allowing you to better create and tailor products, be more responsive and be on top of emerging trends. 

CCSS allows your Corporate Customers to take control of their data and information. They no longer need to phone call centers for urgent information or wait for data to be collated. This platform presents all Call Data Records (or CDR’S) at the click of a button and can be accessed anywhere, anytime from a desktop or mobile device. CCSS allows you to simply log on and see the detailed breakdown of everything you want to know, including voice, data and SMS spend and usage. The simplified data sets on the CCSS platform also offer you deep insights into trends, costs, usage habits, and potential opportunities for future products and revenue.

What makes this platform so innovative is that it can be customised and adapted to your business needs. The platform offers several different option modules that you can choose from depending on your requirements, these include:

happy customer
  • The Admin Portal – this is where the Corporate Customers can add their users, grant user access, set up all their reporting scheduling, and view dashboards of information and data. What’s unique about this tool is that you as the Network Operator can structure the system appearing in this Admin Portal so that it mirrors your business structure, and thus appears familiar to your clients and end-users.
  • The Marketing Toolbox – is a brand new component that was just launched. This tool is aimed at reaching out and connecting with end-users. Using this tool, you will be able to push out news or interesting information directly to the end-user, through the portal.
  • The Sales Toolbox – gives your account manager the ability to see exactly what their Corporate Customers sees. This provides access to individual end-users’ call data records and an aggregated view of their usage, allowing you to offer advice or insight into what the data is showing.
  • The Consumer Portal – is a component that is still being developed. It’s designed to help you understand an end user’s complete experience as a customer, from start to finish and includes insight into data, voice and SMS spend and usage.
  • The Mobile Application – CCSS doesn’t need to be restricted to your laptop or PC – like all modern conveniences. A Mobile Application was developed for the end-user where they can access their usage information anywhere at any time using their mobile device/phone or tablet. 


A Self Service Portal has many advantages and is vital to business success for both Telco’s and Corporate Customers. These platforms provide corporate customers with more insight, control, and information, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, reducing admin burdens, facilitating efficiency, and increasing revenue. Put your Corporate Customers in the driver’s seat and watch your business transform.

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