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A Further Step Toward Greater Innovations in 2023 in Africa

In the past few decades, Technology has improved the quality of life for humans across the globe. We can simply reflect on the development of the candlestick telephone, which evolved into the landline and cell phone, then onto today’s smartphones. Other inventions, such as the “World Wide Web” founded in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, continue to improve our lives by allowing us to stay in touch and communicate.

More advanced technologies emerged in the Twentieth Century as a result of humankind’s need for one-of-a-kind gadgets or services to make life easier or to meet the challenges of the new era. Shifting the focus to Africa, its technological landscape is rapidly evolving and one that holds much promise.

Among these cutting-edge Technologies, two masterpieces will have a significant impact on our lives this year.


AI – Artificial intelligence 

Especially in the Telecommunications industry, AI has had a significant impact on business in 2022. Many Telcos have used AI into their business operations to enhance Customer Experience, identify useful insights, and increase revenue. 

What’s more fascinating is that in West Africa, the company Open G, a Tech pioneer in Ivory Coast developed the country’s first locally-made smartphone in 2022 ,that leverages voice commands and access to it through sixteen local languages, including Senufo, Bété, Dioula, and several others. This innovative smartphone is designed to aid people who are illiterate in both reading and writing, while they can only communicate in their vernacular languages. This shows how AI can be used in 2023 to assist or accommodate the most disadvantaged people in Africa.  Such advancements derived from Artificial Intelligence can enable people to maintain their cultural identities and lifestyles while adapting to the digital world.

AI in the Healthcare

With the adoption of AI in the Healthcare sector as well as other areas like travel and finance, the year 2023 will undoubtedly accelerate. This year, AI will significantly impact front-line healthcare, according to Adonis Celestine, Director of automation at Applause. The usage of AI to help allocate patients to the appropriate medical providers and recommend treatments after making a medical diagnosis will increase. Already, during Covid, Chatbots were quite helpful in detecting symptoms. In Africa, AI has the potential to transform and improve healthcare and can be a very useful tool to address health challenges, reduce costs, and improve health service and quality.


IoT (Internet of Things) in Agriculture

The success of the IoT market is mostly dependent on reliable and constant connectivity. However, besides helping with the issue of workplace connectivity, IoT improves efficiency in Africa’s agriculture industry. To meet the challenges of hunger or food production, several start-ups are trying to provide solutions by leveraging Technology to improve the performance of agricultural businesses. In this context, the Internet of Things plays a leading role.

This involves installing connected objects equipped with sensors in the fields throughout the year, so that they can collect and transmit data on rainfall, plant predators, and the use of inputs, amongst other things. This data will then provide farmers with valuable information. These can relate to the ideal time to plant, protect crops with pesticides, and timeous irrigation to obtain the best possible yields. However, the lack of internet in certain African rural area is a brake on the positive contribution of IoT in agriculture.

IoT empowering Smart Cities

Projects for smart cities in Africa will pick up steam in 2023 thanks to businesses like Atos (global leader in digital transformation). According to Alpha Barry, CEO of Atos Africa, the intense and perhaps unprecedented urbanisation that is occurring in African nations makes it challenging to develop urban space. The company intends to promote the use of smart IoT technologies across Africa. This is why, in 2023, they will launch Smart City projects in a number of African cities. Leaders interested in smart cities will be asked to collaborate on high-impact solutions with Atos. IoT will play a significant role in developing smarter cities in Africa as much of the continent is still in the early stages of urbanisation and internet solutions.


As you can see, this is just a tiny sample of the innovations that AI (Artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) will bring in Africa this year 2023. It has been observed that as time passes, Technology facilitates an increasing number of Humans’ lifestyles, making things easier to manage. It might also be because the world frequently experiences unexpected events, and People behind Technology feel and understand the need to be prepared to adapt.


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