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Omnichannel: What does it mean for mobile network operators?

Digital transformation and acceleration continue to change the telecommunication industry as we know it. This means that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to look at new ways to drive profitability and provide customers with a better customer experience. Omnichannel technology is being utilised to do just that and more. Below we examine the impact omnichannel technology is having on the industry. 


Omnichannel Overview

As technology has continued to develop and evolve, we have seen a need for MNOs to move with the times and provide their customers with more value-added services across several different channels. Omnichannel technology has made this a possibility. 

Omnichannel Messaging technology allows MNOs to implement various value-added services on the same framework across multiple channels. In simple terms, this technology will enable MNOs to utilise multiple Rich Communication channels, including USSD, SMSC, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp Channels,  Social media (Facebook and Instagram), Website portals, digital channels and more, from one integrated framework. As a result, MNOs can provide customers with fast, accessible, and easy to implement services across multiple channels, simplifying the complexities of integrating these into the network infrastructure. 

In this way, your customers are offered more services that match their expectations, interaction needs and wants. At the same time, this technology allows an MNO to deliver cross-channel seamless experiences. 

omnichannel approach

The Omnichannel Approach

When looking at implementing an omnichannel strategy approach for an MNO, it is essential to look at the customer’s user experience and ensure how these services are set up, is easily accessible, flexible, and easily integrated into the network efficiently. Hence, an MNO should have a close look at the following critical areas for development: 

  • Personalisation – essentially, customers need to receive services, offerings, communication, and experiences that are relevant and tailored to their particular needs. For example, one business may require an omnichannel that includes USSD and SMSC, while others would prefer to focus on Mobile Apps and WhatsApp Channels. This enables the MNO to purchase the services they require while still having the opportunity and ability to add to these services as their consumer needs change. 
  • Frictionless Delivery – implementing omnichannel services needs to be an easy and frictionless process. This will allow MNOs to bring these services to market quickly and efficiently, enabling them to answer their customers’ needs more effectively.  For this to be a reality, services should not be in silos but rather integrated with one another to provide a consistent experience. 
  • Controlled Data Flow – it is essential to have complete real-time visibility of the workings of the solution to deliver a seamless user experience and highlight any problems or opportunities. 
  • Brand Experience – when utilising omnichannel messaging technology, your customers should have a seamless and consistent brand experience that aligns with the business’s brand communication, tone, visual design, and more. 

Ensuring that these elements are executed effectively may sound more straightforward than in reality, especially considering the complexities of deploying new services and offerings within an MNO network. This is why many MNOs are turning to technology and solutions designed specifically to make the process of providing omnichannel services efficient and effective. One such solution is Adapt IT’s NextGen v.Services.

Omnichannel NextGen v.Services

Omnichannel empowered by NextGen v.Services 

Adapt IT’s NextGen v.Services middleware technology allows for the implementation of various value-added services on the same framework across multiple channels. This solution enables MNOs to offer more omnichannel services to customers and subscribers and ensures that this technology works efficiently and effectively. This enhances business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) flexibility and agility.

This integrated solution enables multiple channels to leverage off of the NextGen v.Services Framework. Simply put, this technology enables MNOs to offer their customers various Rich Communication channels, including USSD, SMSC, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp Channels, Website portals, Chat, and more, as part of one integrated framework. As a result, one integrated channel can handle all of the applications, simplifying the complexity of integrating them independently into the MNO network. This seamless integration also allows you to provide a consistent omnichannel experience that facilitates customer engagement across each of the channel services you offer your customers. 

omnichannel nextgen v.services

The benefits of this solution can be simplified by the following: 

  • An easy to use consolidated platform – you can consolidate all services and applications on the same platform. The software runs on any platform and also provides cloud hosting options.  In addition, it supports both traditional and new network protocols, including and not limited to SS7, SIGTRAN(SCTP), SIP, DIAMETER (TCP/SCTP), RADIUS, CAMEL, GTP, LDAP, SOAP, JSON, REST, SMS and USSD
  • Enhanced convenience – this technology allows you to update all application services and offerings across channels simultaneously in the same place. There is no need to change every single one individually. This saves both time and costs.
  • Offers superior scalability and personalisation – as an MNO, you can add additional channels to your network and extend your services offerings as and when they are needed.
  • Facilitates built-in versioning and source control – using this framework, you can host all your configuration, business logic, and rules definitions in a controlled source and versioning platform that saves time when implementing new services.
  • Access to real-time metrics and analytics – you will have access to integrated real-time metrics and performance, which will enable you to monitor changes and detect when additional capacity is required. By using the reporting capabilities, you can analyse your usage and identify traffic spikes, which will provide you with insight into possible issues or opportunities relating to the use of various services and channels you use. 
  • Provides more control – this platform allows you to monitor, configure, and deploy software releases directly from the management console. It also allows you to audit user actions, identify changes, and adapt processes, all of which gives you more control.
  • Ensures that your data is safe and secure – this technology has been built with security protocols in mind and is in line with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  privacy and security standards. This gives your business peace of mind knowing that customer data is safe and secure across all platforms. 

The  NextGen v.Services makes it possible to implement, execute and manage an omnichannel strategy approach for MNOs that offers business agility, flexibility and a great overall customer experience. By offering customers more value-added services across different channels, you are enhancing your market competitiveness, improving customer retention, customer service satisfaction, customer loyalty and your overall bottom line and profitability. 

omnichannel overview


Creating an omnichannel experience will continue to be a focal point for MNOs in the future, especially with the deployment of 5G, new mobile devices and other technological advances that create even more channels that an MNO can utilise to provide more value-added services to customers. The success of this will be determined by the technology that MNOs are utilising to ensure the seamless and frictionless deployment of these services and how they are integrated into the network. Adapt IT Telecoms NextGen v.Services solution ensures that each of these boxes is ticked and that you as an MNO can successfully and quickly deploy the omnichannel services your customers require. For more on our NextGen v.Services solution, download our whitepaper here. 

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