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Mobile World Congress: Is It Worth Attending?

Mobile World Congress, an annual event that’s taken place annually for the last 30 years, is run by GMSA who represents the worldwide mobile communications industry.

This year the event takes place on 24 – 27 Feb 2020 at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via in Barcelona Spain and covers technology, communication technology, telecommunications, mobile communication, mobility, mobile phones and GSM

With more than 101,000 attendees and over 204 countries represented, MWC Barcelona is the world’s largest gathering of the mobile, telecom and IoT industries to showcase cutting-edge technology and discuss the future of innovation in a highly-rated conference program.

The annual trade show sees the emergence of the hottest new trends in mobile, and the launch of many of the year’s top smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

Anyone who is anyone in the mobile industry will be there.

Who should attend the Mobile World Congress?

If your work is related to communication technology or mobile phones, or you’re not in the communications industry, but you work with processes or in marketing or customer experience, you’re going to want to be there.

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This event will see you meeting new people, learning about new technology, and give you a view of how to prepare for the future. 

In addition, it provides perfect networking opportunities, and you can meet face to face with new prospective clients and suppliers.

The event is an educational and value-add experience where you can learn from the best in the industry, and where you can also perform competitor analysis.

What can you expect?

Not only will there be a huge amount of exhibitors, but the event also provides networking opportunities with potential clients, suppliers, partners and peers, plus events and seminars featuring key innovators in the industry.

And…you get a first glimpse at the mobile phones of the future!

2020 Mobile World Congress agenda

This year, the trade show runs from 24 – 27 February; i.e. the show is active, the keynotes are running and the exhibition halls are open, but many of the big announcements will take place at the press conferences on Sunday 23 February.

These are the MWC topics under discussion:


  • Becoming AI-Ready: Surviving & Thriving in a Robot Age
  • Diversity & Democratization: Ethics & Antidotes to Algorithmic Bias
  • AI Augmentation & Job Change
  • AI Data Governance Enabling Personalisation at Scale
  • Dangerous Deepfakes & Public Distrust: Debating & Combatting Weaponization of AI
  • Intelligent Automation at Scale: Exploring the Operator AI Implementation Journey

Connectivity: The 5G Era 

  • Value Creation in 5G
  • The Big Debate: Is Consumer 5G An ROI Nightmare?
  • Private LTE & 5G Networks: Saints or Sinners?
  • Discussion: “A Next-Gen Network Demands A Next-Gen Organisation”
  • Connecting Everyone & Everything Beyond Urban Areas
  • Must a 5G-Era Telco Own Physical Infrastructure?
  • 5G Critical Security
  • How Do We Turn Network Tech Into Enterprise Services?
  • The Battle For Edge-As-A-Service
  • Is the Telco Supply Chain Fit for the 5G Era?

Customer Engagement

  1. Maintaining Brand Relevance Through Experiences
  2. The Value of Data: Understanding Your Customers
  3. The Customer Service Debate: Chatbots vs. Human Touch
  4. Addressable Advertising: Reaching the Right Audience
  5. The Connected Shopping Experience

Industry X 

  • Innovate to Grow: How to Embed an Innovation Culture
  • Unlocking the Value of Partner Ecosystems
  • A How To Guide: Transforming Your Business for Industry X
  • Reskilling for Industry X: People-Powered Innovation
  • IoT Data Analytics: From Data to Actionable Insights
  • Industrial Security: Securing the IIoT
  • Industry X: Redefining the relationship between Cloud, Enterprise and the Edge
  • Digital Supply Chains of the Future
  • Innovating for IoT: Thriving in a World Where Devices Outnumber Humans
  • Industry in Action: Verticals and Demos
  • Sky Wars: The 21st Century Space Race

Media & Entertainment

  • 5G & Mobile: Transforming the Art & Science of Storytelling
  • Content Creation for the Masses
  • Evolving Media Platforms and the Battle for Viewers
  • The Value of Immersive Consumer Experiences
  • Creating Fandom: Brand & Influencer Engagement Strategies
  • E-Sports: Explosive Growth & Opportunities
  • Gaming: Future Tech

Our Planet

  • Leading the Fight against Climate Change: A Sustainable Industry
  • Sustainability as a Foundation for 5G
  • 5Green Cities
  • Bringing Assistive Technology to Life

Security & Privacy

  • AI-Based Fraud Detection
  • Securing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Who will be there?

Among more than 2400 exhibitors, Adapt IT Telecoms, who offer telecommunications software solutions that understand, enhance and anticipate the needs of telcos, will also be exhibiting.

Our solutions, which were developed from 20 years of deep technology and customer experience knowledge include:

  • Know Your Customer
  • Customer Experience
  • VAS
  • Fintech
  • IoT
  • Analytics

Our clients include giant telecommunications companies and startups alike.

Our goals for the event are to raise awareness of our solutions which add value predominantly to telcos, insurers and financiers.

Attending the event?

Adapt IT | Telecoms is excited to once again attend the annual Mobile World Congress, as the event is truly something no one in the mobile telecommunications industry would want to miss; an event that pushes the boundaries, allowing for the discovery of limitless intelligent connectivity.

Come meet us and see how our solutions enhance your business!

Contact us on sps-sales@adaptit.tech to schedule a meeting.

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