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APN-as-a-Service: An Immediate Saving Of Up To 20%

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APN-as-a-Service: An Immediate Saving Of Up To 20%

APN-as-a-Service: An Immediate Saving Of Up To 20%

APN-as-a-Service: is a value add service that can help save MVNOs a lot of money every month due to advanced control.

The greatest problem with APN management is visibility, control, regulation and data spend predictability.

In addition, there is some concern that MNOs are often slow to react to trends, and this has a knock-on effect on the MVNO.

In fact, MVNOs that use the Adapt IT | Telecoms APN-as-a-Service platform can offer their users up to 20% savings and generate additional revenue for them at the same time.

Further to this, Conor Solutions, who recently merged with Adapt IT | Telecoms, says that customers on their APN service have seen substantial savings, and make a bold claim: “Our customers can expect an immediate saving of 20% just by moving to our platform.”


We’ll take a look at how this is achieved.

Data usage monitoring

Typically, MVNOs are given call records and billing information from the MNO, giving them very little control and not much insight to make the best decisions.

MVNOs really need to monitor and analyze the network and subscriber data, in order to save costs and understand subscribers.

APN-as-a-Service: gives MVNOs unprecedented visibility and control over data usage, significantly reducing out-of-bundle data charges, as well as simplifying the management of spend and billing.

Data consumption is updated every 60 seconds to give the MVNO a real-time view across the business.

As far as data usage goes, APN-as-a-Service provides:

  • Monitoring and voice and data traffic analysis of MVNO subscribers.
  • The detection of billing errors that impact MVNO usage revenue.
  • Prioritization of discrepancies with details
  • Alerts to both users and management when data allocation is reached. The SIM is immediately locked, effectively eliminating out of bundle spend.
  • The MVNO with more control to make decisions around data allocation. With just a few simple clicks, APN-as-a-Service: administrators have the choice of issuing a one-time top-up, or permanently increasing subscriber data quota.
  • Comprehensive monitoring functionalities, which provide MVNOs with the predictability of expected mobile data costs.
  • Detailed data usage reporting and analytics.
  • Notifications and alerts.
  • Access control.
  • Audit capabilities.
  • Zero additional costs, as no other equipment is needed, nor resources or software.
  • Tight security and prevents exposure of user devices to the internet. The APN platform allows MVNOs to make the decision of what its users can or can’t access, including a content-aware managed firewall.

Added to that, the Adapt IT | Telecoms Solution gives MVNOs more control because it does not require interaction with the MNO billing systems but if necessary, and if required,

Adapt IT | Telecoms acts as the consultant to liaise with the MNO in order for the MVNO to focus on their core business.

Adapt IT | Telecoms APN-as-a-Service Platform can decrease MVNOs users costs up to 20%

Moving to Adapt IT | Telecoms APN-as-a-Service platform will immediately save MVNOs up to 20% from the get-go and also an increase in revenue generated.

Adapt IT | Telecoms APN-as-a-Service platform enables MVNO’s to offer and monetize a data management service to their end-user customers without having to manage any complex setups, configuration or integration into the primary network.

apn-as-a-service Adapt IT Telecoms diagram

The cloud-based, multi-tenant capable and modular platform is designed for mobile data management and offers the following features and functionality:   

Mobile data quota management

  • Set and manage data allocations per customer based on organizational data requirement
  • Combine mobile data offerings from multiple operators
  • Provide data services customisable per customer segment with various commercial models
  • Manage wholesale data usage
  • Manage quota across specific customer structures such as users or departments
  • Transparent Operator Network Aggregation

Seamless provisioning

Once a SIM is provisioned, all traffic and business rules are managed via a single platform.

Enhanced packet core services

  • Customise customer specific connectivity options
  • Provides granular control over customer environments
  • Enables extension of services to the operator network core
  • VPN
  • SMS/SIM Encryption
  • Lock specific devices / SIM cards / Geo Lock
  • Deep Mobile Packet Core integration through DIAMETER

Enhanced security

  • Configure customer-specific access rules
  • Control source and destination traffic
  • Define and build data products based on QOS or access restrictions
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Static IP Pools
  • Customized VRFs and usage control
  • Content / URL Inspection Services
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