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Governments can enhance citizen safety amid COVID-19 by using CDRLive Engine and Vision Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many countries and industries across the globe to a grinding halt. Globally, many industries such as education, manufacturing, travel and tourism, hospitality, finance and consumer commerce have felt the effect of national lockdowns and restrictions. As restrictions start to lift, borders and travel begin to open, schools go back and restaurants and bars reopen, governments are having to put in several measures to ensure the safety of their citizens and effectively aid in stopping the spread of the virus. One such measure is the implementation of innovative technology like Adapt IT Telecoms CDRlive Engine and Vision Software.

What is the CDRlive Engine and Vision Software?

Many governments are concerned with the spread of Covid-19 and are looking at different software options aimed at tracking and managing the virus in the hope of containing infection rates. Adapt IT Telecoms have answered this need and developed a solution using our CDRlive Engine and Vision software that aims to proactively monitor and manage COVID-19 cases for governments.

By making use of CDRlive Engine and Vision technology, governments can monitor the movement and travel of local citizens, as well as international visitors using Call Detail Record (CDR’s). This means that governments can consistently track and manage all citizens and visitors using their mobile numbers, providing full visibility in a non-intrusive way. By using this sophisticated technology, a government can implement immediate COVID-19 emergency management, as and when required, and ensure the safety of its citizens.

How does the CDRlive Engine and Vision software work?

The CDRlive Engine and Vision software ultimately enables the tracking and management of citizens and visitors through their mobile phone numbers. This becomes incredibly important in the management of COVID-19 and the tracking of the virus and its spread, especially as more and more people return to work, students go back to school and travel is opened again. With more movement and interaction comes a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19. Below is an example of how this technology would work in the travel industry.

Patient X tests positive for COVID-19 and has travelled from one city to another, in the past two weeks. By using Patient X’s mobile number and the CDRlive Engine and Vision software you, as the government, will be able to generate and locate the patient’s mobile number at various connection points, also known as Mobile Tower Sites or Base stations. This allows you to ultimately track what areas Patient X has been in and track people in the same area that they may have come into contact with, using their CDR’s. 

Why is CDRlive Engine so effective?

This software allows you to effectively manage and track local citizens, foreign visitors and the spread of the virus across borders and in different countries, all you need is for them to have their mobile phones on and on roaming. There are several other benefits which make this solution an excellent option for governments looking to enhance safety amid COVID-19. These include:

  • The use of non-intrusive technology
  • 100% connectivity and participation of all active mobile phones connected to the Mobile Networks
  • Complimentary Failover system running 24/7 seamlessly in the background
  • Proven technology used by various networks worldwide
  • This is a location-based solution that enables the real-time tracking of local citizens and travellers
  • All processes can be managed from a centralised control centre and can be distributed per state as required


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many different industries across the globe, and as economies and these industries start to move forward and re-ignite, governments need to look at different solutions to manage the spread of the virus. The CDRlive Engine and Vision software is one such solution that can be utilised by governments to track, trace and manage the spread of the virus and identify possible hotspots and new infections. This software solution ultimately enhances the safety of local citizens and travellers.

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