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The Key to Proactively Manage Data in a Digital Era

Today’s world is vastly different to how it was years ago, the main difference being the reliance on digital technology and, ultimately, the need for data and data management. The acceleration of digital technology has meant businesses across sectors rely on technology to function. This has created a unique opportunity for resellers and partners to enhance their service offerings and answer the need for secure value-added connectivity solutions in the form of Data management solutions.

How Data Management has Changed

Looking back over the last 60 years, it is clear that technology has evolved rapidly. Today’s industries look vastly different to how they did years ago, with technology being used across business departments and operations. Digital technology has made business processes faster, more streamlined and more efficient. Data is key to this.

Data for many businesses is key to its success as data powers digital technology. In this way, data usage and management have become critical for businesses. Let’s elaborate. Companies today have several devices that employees use to fulfil specific job requirements. These include laptops, tablets, mobile devices, machinery and more. Each device needs to be allocated data for usage and connectivity ensured to function.

Managing the sheer number of these devices, data usage and the overall functionality of these devices is often overwhelming for businesses, especially when done manually or across separate platforms. This is a significant challenge for many businesses.

Resellers and Partners are in a unique position to answer this challenge with the development of Data  management solutions. These allow their customers to effectively and efficiently manage their data usage, connectivity needs, and requirements.

apn, apn management

The Role of Data Management in the Digital Age

You may be thinking, how do Data management solutions answer the challenges mentioned above? The simple answer is that this technology has evolved and developed over the years to facilitate a self-service offering.

Using a self-service platform, resellers and partners can put the control in the hands of the customer. In this case, customers can control all data usage and management elements directly in real-time. The benefits of providing this kind of solution for customers in the digital age are increased consumer satisfaction, enhanced brand loyalty, and the creation of a better customer experience which all impact overall customer churn, revenue growth and ultimately profitability.

From the reseller and partner point of view, there are a number of benefits associated with providing customers with this kind of solution. These include:

  • Offering a tailored mobile data connectivity journey for your customers
  • Enable customised data and connectivity solutions for your customers
  • Provide a self-service platform for your customers to manage their data ecosystem
  • Give your customers visibility and control of their data spend and consumption
  • Increase value to your customers through additional engagement, products, consulting opportunities and value-added services.
  • Provide scalable cloud-based offerings with flexible a flexible SaaS commercial model
  • Improve your service delivery and operational efficiencies by empowering your customer with self-service capabilities
  • Empower your customers to manage what data their business can consume
apn, apn management


From the above, it is clear that Data Management solutions solve many customer challenges and have many benefits for partners and resellers.

As with everything in today’s business world, not all Data management solutions are created equal. With so many different options on the market, selecting the right one is often a challenge. Adapt IT Telecoms has tackled this challenge head-on and created an innovative solution called APN-as-a-Service, which directly meets resellers’ and partners’ customer data management needs.

With this solution, you, as a reseller or partner, can take your service offerings to the next level by providing your customers with a consolidated platform that fully enables them to take control of their data and connectivity management requirements across multiple mobile networks. This is made possible by the following features:

  • Flexible connectivity options – this solution offers end customers a variety of flexible data connectivity options to suit their unique requirements across any network. 
  • Real-time, in-session data control – across any network, you and your customers can control and manage data usage in real-time. This enables your customers to proactively identify problems or issues. 
  • API Integration – This solution offers full API integration to ensure seamless integration with any existing business platforms. 
  • Integrated radius and data bundle management – this is a widely deployed technology utilised to provide authentication, authorisation and accounting for customer network access. With this, customers gain real-time control over their data allocation and consumption.
  • Static and dynamic IP pool allocation management – this functionality enables customers to segment connectivity and data traffic and apply business rules across different areas within their organisation. 
  • Comprehensive Report Library and Self-service analytics – your customers will have access to a self-service reporting library and analytics that provides detailed insights, helping them make informed business decisions about mobile data spend and connectivity trends.
  • White-labelled software solution – this platform can be white-labelled to reflect your business identity and brand that your customers are familiar with.
  • Value-added service enablement – the solution provides integration and extendibility to other technologies and services such as USSD, Traffic control and Location-based Services (LBS).
  • Secure data environment – the infrastructure is fully managed, ensuring all necessary security protocols and regulations are in place.
  • Aggregated mobile network data managementthis solution provides an integrated and consolidated platform across different Mobile Network Operators, giving you, the reseller, the flexibility to position various connectivity options and commercial models for your customers and prospects.  

Please contact us if you want to know more about how our APN-as-a-Service platform can help you transport your business into the digital age.


Data management is a critical business requirement in today’s digital era as businesses need to be able to track and manage data spend, connectivity and usage. For resellers and partners, this specific solution allows you to extend your offerings and provide value-added services to your customers. This ultimately enables your customers to efficiently enhance their operations and positively impact their overall customer experience. As we all know, a great customer experience is key to overall business growth and success. 

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