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Technology: Created by Humans to Empower Humans

Technology today looks vastly different to how it did centuries ago, and this is because our needs, wants, and requirements have evolved. As the years have gone on, humans have developed and created new technological innovations as solutions to their personal and professional needs and challenges. Some may even say that over the years smart technology has been developed by smart humans to empower human potential.

Telecommunication Technology Developed by Humans for Humans

When looking at technology today, we cannot help but ask the question, why does technology continuously develop and change? The simple answer is that as humans we continually evolve and change, and technology needs to keep up with this evolution.

Over the years, humans have looked at problems and issues that others have faced, in both a personal and professional sense, and have developed and created different innovative technologies to solve these challenges and answer these needs. In this way, technological innovation is driven by humans wanting to improve how we live and work.

Let’s take a look at the history of communication as an example. In prehistoric times people communicated with fires, smoke signals, beacons etc. Then over the centuries, they moved on to postal systems, pigeon posts, mechanical telephones, optical telegraphs, electrical telegraphs, phonographs, wireless telegraphy, radio and so on. From there, the first mobile phone was created as well as email, the internet, and VoIP Internet telephony.

Why did technology progress like this? The simple truth is that man saw a need to progress it. People needed reliable, consistent, secure and stable communication methods and created innovative technology to develop a solution for this need. This process ultimately created the telecommunications industry as we know it.

This is just one example of how technology has been developed by humans across one industry to answer different human needs.

technlogy: created by humans to empower humans

People are the Masters of Technology, not Vice Versa

In today’s world humans have developed a number of different innovative technologies that include, machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the people who created this technology, new possibilities are constantly being uncovered. 

These possibilities and capabilities have scared some critics into believing that technology is “taking over” valuable jobs or that it is becoming too “intelligent and human-like”. This has created slight fear around new technology as some believe this will somehow diminish us as humans. The opposite is true, this will actually enable and empower us to do so much more.

The fear associated with technology comes from a lack of understanding of how technology can empower us. Technology ultimately exists because people have created it to improve industries, organisations, and lives. It is there to serve people, enhance business operations and efficiency, and help people do better.

This doesn’t mean that with technology alone, your business will succeed. People will always be at the centre of technology. Technological systems are only there to make things easier, streamline, and aid us in success. People will continue to be at the forefront of businesses and industries, creating technology to do things smarter and faster.


The Technology of the Future and the Role of Humans

Above, we have looked at how technology has developed and changed over time to accommodate the changing needs of people. Now, we need to ask what future technology will look like and what role humans play in this.

From our perspective, technology will continue to evolve to meet our changing needs. The acceleration of digital transformation is speeding up the development and use of technology across industries, businesses, and our personal lives. What will remain the same is a human’s role. Humans will continue to be at the centre of technology in terms of development and control. In this way, technology will still be people-centric.

Another future trend we expect to see more of is the use of people-centric interfaces and technology. This refers to developing practical, intuitive, and user-friendly platforms that people can use to fulfil a specific function, such as advanced analytics. We are already seeing this trend within the telecommunications industry through the development of self-service solutions that allow customers to control elements related to connectivity, mobile spend, value-added services and more on these platforms. This kind of technology aims to reduce the friction between people and technology and better connect humans to their purchased services.

The technology created by humans in the future will be innovative, accessible, transparent and ultimately add value to people and businesses.


Technology continues to be an essential tool created and developed by humans to improve our lives and how we work. Technology has evolved over the years to meet our changing needs and will continue to do so. No matter how technology evolves, humans will still be at the centre of it. The continuous development of this kind of smart technology relies on smart people with smart skills. This is an exciting space to watch, and we cannot wait to see how the evolution of future technologies and how these will empower us to do even more and be better as humans.

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