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How to address Orphan SIM Management?

Digital transformation has had a significant impact on mobile use in recent years. It is estimated that 4.78 billion, which is 61.51%, of people in the world, have a cellphone, with 3.5 billion of these people being smartphone users. This has brought about an increase in mobile-to-mobile use and subsequently a need for enhanced connectivity which is facilitated by Mobile Network Operators (MNO), but this has also created a problem for MNO’s.

digital transformation

As mobile use increases, the number of orphaned SIMs increases which results in a loss of revenue for MNO’s. Adapt IT Telecoms has developed an innovative Orphan SIM Management software solution that addresses the problem of orphaned SIMs.

What is an orphaned SIM?
A SIM is orphaned when devices are left on while the accompanying mobile-to-mobile service is terminated. For example, when an employee resigns, they often need to leave their company phone and registered SIM card. Usually, in this case, apps that they have installed on their phones, such as home alarm systems, vehicle tracking etc. continue to attempt to attach to the network even after the mobile-to-mobile service has been suspended.

This then continues to generate traffic on the network as these apps attempt to send event-based SMS text messages while the account is no longer in use. This process uses up valuable network resources that could be utilised for an active or new SIM card.

What problem do orphaned SIMs pose for MNO’s?
As mobile use continues to grow, so do the number of SIMs in devices. MNO’s are experiencing issues relating to the number of orphaned SIMs and their subsequent use of core network resources, which results in a loss of revenue. But how big is the orphan sim problem?

Based on statistics collected from the PPAA system, there are currently:
99 218 636 – Orphan records in the blacklist table.
44 496 227 – Orphan attached requests per day (515 requests per second).
98 733 – New orphan SIMs added for the day.
388 255 – Unique Orphan SIM’s trying to authenticate during the day.

These numbers are increasing daily, as is the loss being experienced by MNO’s as orphaned SIMs do not have a possibility of generating any revenue now or in the future. Orphaned SIMs are a waste of valuable network resources and, if not managed, could continue to pose a significant problem.

This software makes extensive use of Adapt IT Telecoms’ proven Over-The-Air (OTA) technology which enables you to update and change data in a SIM card without having to reissue it. This technology allows you to target and terminate orphaned SIMs successfully, efficiently, and simply, to ensure that they do not attempt to attach to the network. By using this solution, MNO’s can manage SIMs and reduce the loss of revenue related to orphaned SIMs.

As mobile use continues to increase globally, the issues related to orphaned SIMs continue to grow. This has become a significant problem for MNOs who are losing revenue as a result of orphaned SIMs using up valuable network resources. Many MNOs have turned to innovative software solutions such as the Orphan SIM management solution to reduce the impact that orphaned sims are having on the network and to enhance overall profitability. 

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