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How Digital Transformation Empowers Telecommunication Corporate Customer Satisfaction

The advancement of digital transformation within the telecommunication sector is driving change. Corporate customers need solutions that provide them with the ability to manage both business and administrative processes and solve challenges related to the tracking and understanding of mobile data and usage and how to utilise this insight to drive business revenue and growth. The result of this has been the development of key solutions that include self-service platforms and data connectivity management systems. These solutions have been developed to adapt to and manage these growing customer needs. By changing business models and implementing these digital driven solutions, Telcos can empower their corporate customers and provide an unparalleled customer experience that drives satisfaction and reduces customer churn. We examine this in more detail below.

The growth of digital transformation and how the customer is driving it


Digital transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to create new or enhance existing business processes, models, and customer experience to meet different customer segments’ changing needs.

In most cases digital technology, like machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, is used to make organisational processes and operations more effective and efficient.

Digital transformation at its core is customer centric and is focused on changing how businesses operate to deliver more value to their customer base. Digital transformation is changing how businesses interact with their customers and offer customers more control, enhanced visibility and actionable insight, as and when they need it, in real-time.

Customers are no longer settling for sub-par services. Their expectations and requirements have shifted thanks to digital technology and what they are able to achieve at the click of a button. An answer to this need is to create self-service platforms and portals that allow customers to directly access the information, data and insight necessary to make informed business decisions and enhance operations as and when they need. We examine how this technology is empowering Telco corporate customers below.

How is digital transformation empowering Telco Corporate Customers?


To say that corporate customers are under pressure is an understatement. They need to make sense of large volumes of complex data, understand the details, allocate costs and data usage and do this with speed and accuracy. With this in mind, many corporate customers are turning to innovative solutions provided by Telcos, that make these business and administrative processes that much easier. Two such solutions include Adapt IT’s Corporate Customer Self-Service Portal and APN-as-a-Service technology.

  • Corporate Customer Self-Service (CCSS) Portal: these platforms have become an essential tool used to give corporate customers immediate control and answers to questions in real-time. These platforms are more effective than call centres and allow corporate customers to find the information they need instead of relying on someone else. This enhances convenience and allows your corporate customer to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively due to the accuracy of the information they are getting and the speed at which they can access this. The results of this are that corporate customers have less frustration and have more control and visibility over elements related to their usage, spend, connectivity, account information, billings and more. Not only does this enhance customer experience and satisfaction, but it also saves on time and money by reducing administrative burdens.
  • APN-as-a-Service: With a combination of mobile data consumption at an all-time high and organisations deploying millions of mobile devices to employees – data management and cost is becoming more critical to business success. APN-as-a-Service technology is a data connectivity management system that empowers the Telco corporate customer with the right tools to manage their mobile data ecosystem. This solution allows them to take control of their spending and customise their data needs. With this technology, corporate customers are given complete control of mobile spending through near real-time monitoring and customised business rules. They can control spend and data allocations effortlessly from one centralised platform. Everything they need can literally be accessed at the click of a button.

What is the benefit of these advancements for Telcos?


Digital transformation and the implementation of solutions like Adapt IT’s Corporate Customer Self-Service (CCSS) Portal and APN-as-a-Service technology make the lives of corporate customers that much easier. With these two platforms, corporate clients have enhanced visibility and control over all of their data and information and can use this to make informed business decisions, reduce spending, and identify opportunities for growth and business development. Each of these elements impact productivity as this technology is being used to streamline and improve business processes to drive profitability. The knock on effect for telcos is that these solutions enhance customer experience and satisfaction. With these solutions, you are adding value to your customer base and are increasing your levels of service. If your customers are happy, they are less likely to move to another service provider, which means that you will retain them as a customer and increase your revenue. On the other side of the coin, you as a Telco will also save on time, money and administrative burdens.



Digital transformation is making waves with many businesses, especially those within the telecommunication space, looking at ways to enhance operations and provide their customers with the solutions that add value. Digital technology like Adapt IT’s CCSS, and APN-as-a-Service platforms are doing just this. They are self-service platforms that put customers in control. This not only enhances operational efficiency but customer experience and satisfaction levels as well. For Telcos, specifically, this reduces customer churn and increases revenue. Over the next few years, we expect to see more and more businesses within this market turning to innovative self-service platforms to enhance business efficiency.

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