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Add Value to your User Base by Allowing Subscribers Without Funds to Still Make Calls

The Call Collect Reverse service is part of Adapt IT’s Telecoms NextGen v.Services solution that allows users to make calls using a reverse billing service where the call recipient gets charged. This value-added service is increasingly popular in emerging markets as it enables communication in both the workplace and personal user environments.

Call Collect Reverse Cost Benefits

Corporate progress tracking

This service allows corporate customers to connect with their employees without needing airtime, acting as a check-in tool for organisations to help drive employee performance. Organisations can use the service to monitor and evaluate progress based on their employees’ usage.

Enhanced convenience and safety

This solution enhances convenience as it allows for two-way communication regardless of financial circumstances. It requires no activation, subscription or airtime and has safety measures in place, making this a great option for families.

Reduction in customer churn

By providing this kind of personalised service, you add value to your customer base, enhancing loyalty and reducing customer churn.

Enhanced customer engagement and increase in revenue

These value-added services enhance customer engagement and offer Telcos a new revenue stream that drives profitability.

Call Collect Reverse Cost Features

  • Organisations and families have complete control over who can access Adapt IT’s NextGen Collect Call service. This can be enabled by device, subscriber, or user. For organisations offering this service to employees, users can be added and blocked according to the requirements of the business
  • Call Collect can be used as a task-driven check-in tool for organisations to help drive employee performance. Organisations can use the service to monitor and evaluate progress based on their employees’ usage employees’ usage
  • The Call Collect solution provides comprehensive and flexible reporting functionality. The system provides both a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), which can be administered by the end-user to display required statistical information, as well as the possibility for required data to be extracted in a comma-delimited text format for importing into a preferred external reporting system
  • GSM USSD phase 1/2 support for subscriber self-administration with full dynamic USSD menu trees configurable through a web interface
  • The solution fully supports SMS without any dependency on an external SMSC, which results in reduced licensing costs. Integration with an existing SMSC is available through SMPP. The internal SMSC has the direct-delivery and store-and-forward capability
  • The Gateway solution can be deployed on standard off-the-shelf Intel-based servers, or it can run in a fully virtualised environment. In both cases, it uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Centos as the operating system
  • The solution has narrow-band SS7, HSL, SIGTRAN and SIP support, all of which is transparent to the application. SS7 support requires SS7 cards (not provided in case of a SIGTRAN deployment)
  • This technology has a proven and robust application framework that is based on the flexible v.Services Framework developed by Adapt IT. This has been in operation for several years with multiple customers and is currently processing in the region of 30 million transactions per day for services such as Please Call Me, USSD recharge or balance enquiry, among others
  • The solution supports LDAP for the lookup of subscriber profiles and/ or configuration data, various ASN.1 interfaces for content providers or for charging to the OCS platform, CORBA, and XML/HTTP for provisioning. Supported charging interfaces are Diameter Charging Control (DCC), Ro/Rf, Nokia-Siemens Get/Set, Nokia-Siemens SMAF, ASN.1, CORBA, XML/HTTP, and others
  • Call Collect has an advertising engine that can be used to add advertisement text to SMSs
  • Call Collect includes comprehensive web-based administration, customer care, monitoring, and reporting accessible through the EMS/NMS administration front-end
  • The solution supports multiple languages and currencies, includes role-based access control, and also offers audit functionality. The customer care interface can be used to view or edit subscriber profiles and view subscriber transaction history
  • The solution can be deployed as a pair of geographically separate systems. All subscriber profile and configuration databases are replicated in real-time between the two systems. Traffic can at any point be routed between the two sites (active/ active in any traffic ratio) without any configuration changes to the systems or application

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