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Mobile Wallet

By the year 2020, experts expect that payments via mobile devices and in-store, will reach $503 billion. Further to that, mobile wallets will take over traditional methods of payments.

On another note, if we consider the amount of the population today who are ‘unbanked’, a mobile wallet solution allows users to access funds stored on their mobile phones and make transactions without having a bank account.

Mobile Wallet

Key Features

Our mobile wallet is unique because it offers so many additional services other than transactions. 

This is because most mobile wallets are developed by banks or retailers to promote their products, while we developed our mobile wallet solution after years of experience and with the understanding of what services would be most useful to mobile wallet users and suppliers.


  • Converts currency: Converts physical currency to electronic currency.
  • Instant transfers: Users can make instant transfers from one person to another.
  • Monthly bill payments: Our mobile wallet solution allows consumers to pay for goods and services monthly.
    • International money remittance: Users can send money to anyone overseas, or pay international business recipients.


  • Business to business transactions: Mobile wallets owned by businesses can transact with one another.
    • Airtime top-up: Customers may purchase airtime via their mobile wallet.
    • Consumer app: A feature-rich interface created for smartphone mobile wallet users. Includes NFC, advanced security and enhanced customer experience.
    • Merchant portal: Allows merchants to register and be paid. In addition, they can draw reports around transactions, trends, advertising, sales and so on. Mobile wallet users can pay these merchants via mobile wallets.
    • Payroll payments: Company payrolls can be made to employees with mobile wallets. 
    • NGO capabilities: NGOs around the world face significant challenges in providing and ensuring aid is delivered correctly. Our mobile wallet with added capabilities such as voucher generation and redemption, savings and financial and relief aid management is designed to assist NGOs in the important role they play.
    • Government payments: While governments around the world have begun shifting their payments to digital channels, scope remains for further digitalization. Our mobile wallet solution offers government departments a comprehensive digital payment solution to facilitate and manage bulk payments, payrolls and social grants.
    • Pension disbursements: Pension solution providers are continuing to enable digital disbursements that bring speed and efficiency to payments, allowing them to work around the slower legacy systems many FIs now have in place. Our mobile wallet has specific features to address these requirements such as KYC, embedded USSD and advanced mobile security.

How it works

Mobile Wallet How it Works Diagram

Required Modules


The Mobile Financial Services (MFS) module overlays mobile data onto CDRlive usage and revenue to gain insight into MFS performance.

Mobile Money Solution Analytics
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