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MVNO Mobile Money Solutions

MVNO Mobile Money Solutions

An MVNO is where in an existing brand enters the mobile telephony business without actually investing and owning the radio spectrum, but borrows the network services from an existing telecom operator at a wholesale rate. 

MVNO partnerships allow banks, lenders and financial institutions to make their financial services more accessible and affordable.

With the rapid growth globally in launching such MVNO’s, our mobile money and FINTECH solutions give MVNO’s and Money Transfer Operators an opportunity to offer additional value-add services to their customers. 

Currently banks, retailers and other financial institutions have no mobile infrastructure of their own, so they are creating their own infrastructure to provide these services, thereby becoming a kind of mobile financial services-focused MVNO.

We offer a full mobile money solution comprising of modules that create a complete service:

  • Mobile Wallet is at the core of the mobile money solution.
  • Mobile Financial Services Analytics gives metrics and insight into user behavior and the transactions they make. Our one-of-its-kind CDRlive powers the technology to provide easy to use, deep and meaningful, accurate and complete insight so you can make better business decisions.
  • Anti-Money Laundering is a compliance tool that protects your organization from scams.

Key Features

Our mobile money solution was developed after years of software and customer experience. Not only do we understand technology, but we also understand what your customers are looking for. 

As such, our solution differs from most mobile money solutions because it is unique; offering so many additional, helpful financial services other than just transactions. 

Above that our mobile money solution is also unique to others because the majority of mobile money providers are developed by banks or retailers to promote their products while we developed ours for MVNOs to create an add-on, and profitable service to their customers. 


  • Additional service offering: With our mobile money solution, MVNOs can offer financial services to their customers.
  • Improved business relationships: Our FINTECH solutions ensure that mobile money providers can deploy personalized contracts and relationships with every partner in their ecosystem, resulting in increased attractiveness and improved business relationships, reduced total cost of ownership, a remarkably fast time-to-market and increased revenues and can be fully integrated within an existing infrastructure.

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