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Micro Lending Digital Automated Solutions

Micro Lending Digital Automated Solutions

With the explosion of micro lenders enabling the lending of money in small amounts to impoverished individuals and groups who are unable to obtain loans from mainstream banks, digital automated solutions are becoming a necessity to address this market. 

Our micro lending solution automates the financial services process at small scale levels to those with little or no income. 

The solution supports integration of third party technologies, and comes with APIs and development tools to deploy value added services and to offer additional benefits to customers. Our micro lending solution enhances existing processes and workflows. 

It was developed to adapt to your ever changing company needs and so can easily incorporate new products and services.

Key Features

We provide several micro lending solutions that offer lender providers the ability to create a mobile identity and digitize services by automating the process of financial services like loans and savings at micro or small scale levels. The technology includes:

  • Secure platform to offer instant loans.
  • Calculation of interest and repayment amounts.
  • Integration with your current CRM or accounting software.
  • Integration with third party applications.
  • APIs and development tools.


Our FINTECH platform gives banks, financial institutions and other small business lenders access to the most sophisticated technology in the market for underwriting, originating and servicing small business credit and includes the following benefits:

  • Analytics: Analytics for real time automated lending.
  • Multichannel technology.
  • Dashboards for monitoring portfolio growth and performance.
  • Business consulting.
  • Enables MFIs to reduce costs, add flexibility and improve the accuracy of data.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Customized workflow in your processes.
  • Alerts for late payments.
  • Self-service customer portal.
  • Secure and simple, without hassles.

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