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Optimise the Functionality and Security of Operator and Corporate with Mobile Device Management

Our innovative Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application Programming Interface (API) enables the deployment, security, monitoring, integration and management of mobile devices in the workplace. This enhances your control over these devices, as well as their safety and security.

Mobile Device Management API Benefits

Enhanced control

Our Mobile Devices Management (MDM) Application Programming Interface (API) provides significantly more control over the reporting and management of mobile devices.

Added support

The MDM API solution allows operators and corporates to query device information, enabling them to access and gain added support.

Remotely install applications

This innovative technology enables and allows developers to install applications remotely.

Efficiently enforce restriction policies

This solution allows operators and corporates to implement and enforce restriction policies for any registered mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management API Features

  • Allow devices to connect to multiple institutions 
  • Enables you to access centralised information about the devices used per subscriber
  • Operators and corporates can gain insights into subscriber preferences

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