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Track, Monitor and Maintain Company Assets with Ease

Our Device/Asset Log Management solution allows you to track, record, monitor and maintain tangible and intangible company assets. Using this solution, the cost-effectiveness of asset management is enhanced. This is accomplished through efficient operation, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of company assets and devices.

Device/Asset Log Management Benefits

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Increased control and efficiency

This Device/Asset Log Management solution uses an easy to understand interface which provides the status, location and other pertinent information of all listed assets. As a result, this increases your levels of control and insight over your assets.

Enhance decision-making

With enhanced insight into asset allocation, you are able to make informed business decisions regarding your assets.

Collect additional information with ease

Employees can use this technology to collect additional information on specific assets, including serial numbers, and record asset data.

Device/Asset Log Management Features

  • Track all registered assets
  • Provide a searchable, clearly represented asset list
  • View assets in real-time
  • Track asset movement at multiple locations
  • Scans barcodes
  • Schedule asset maintenance
  • Utilise the highly customisable user interface to provide the asset-related information that your business needs
  • Integrated visibility across your entire technology ecosystem of all connected devices and their connectivity from a single platform
  • Group your listed assets into a hierarchical structure
  • Group devices based on function, or any other criteria

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