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Financial Inclusion Solutions

Less than one quarter of adults in Africa have a banking account with a formal financial institution.

Because of this, many adults in Africa make use of informal methods to save and borrow money. 

Similarly, the majority of small and medium enterprises in Africa are unbanked. Access to finance is often a major obstacle. 

This creates an opportunity for financial institutions and MNOs or MVNOs to add an additional source of income to their offerings by serving the unbanked in locations such as Africa.

We offer bespoke digital financial inclusion solutions; the excluded and underserved target market will achieve digital access to and use of formal financial services to help improve their living conditions and to help your institution grow further by achieving clients in largely untapped market segments.     

Financial Inclusion

Key Features

Our FinTech financial inclusion platform includes solutions for ‘Banked to Unbanked’ P2P transfers, bill payments, savings schemes, etc. using retail outlets, post offices, agents and merchants.

The Adapt IT | Telecoms team will work with your organization to achieve financial inclusion by developing solutions in 3 main levels:

  1. A reliable digital transactional platform suite enabled on all suitable fronts (NFC, Bar Codes, QR Codes, STK, BTLE, Cloud/Internet & USSD).
  2. A viable agent/merchant network management platform suite.
  3. An array of your customer’s access devices


  • Grow your business: Banks, retailers, MNOs and MVNOs, for the most part, are looking to grow and serve future markets. Growing the business means developing products and services for more segments of the economy. Financial inclusion allows your business to target a previously un-targetable audience; the unbanked in underdeveloped countries. 
  • Competitive edge: Now that technology facilitates competition from new types of players who provide similar services to yours and jump in to take advantage of consumer data, creating more value for customers and reaching new customer segments early, helps create a valuable, enduring relationship, and increases profit.

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